June 2013 EnergyLink Issue

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Natural Gas Boilers

Natural Gas Boilers

Natural gas boilers can be used for space heating, water heating or a combination of both. Hot water for space heating is sent through a radiator or radiant heat system, or used with an air handler to provide heat to your building. Natural gas boilers are also used to provide hot water for your building.

If you are replacing an older boiler, or building a new facility, installing a condensing or high efficiency non-condensing natural gas boiler will improve the energy efficiency of your facility and lower your operating costs.

Efficiency & Incentives

Standard boilers are on average 76%* efficient while HE non-condensing boilers are up to 85% efficient and condensing boilers are up to 98% efficient.

Condensing boiler: High efficiency non-condensing boiler:
Up to 98% efficient Up to 85% efficient
Re-uses heat from flu gases that would have been exhausted from the building Does not re-use flu gases but operates more efficiently than standard boilers

Incentives available from Union Gas

  Condensing boiler:
Up to 299 MBtu/hr $600 per unit
300 to 999 MBtu/hr $1,500 per unit
Over 1,000 MBtu/hr $4,500 per unit

* Source - US DOE. 2010 Buildings Energy Databook. March

Selection & Installation

Your Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor or building maintenance provider is the first step in selecting the right natural gas boiler for your building. They will help to assess suitability, natural gas code requirements, cost, payback and suggest other ways to improve your energy efficiency.

Locating a service provider or HVAC contractor: Union Gas is pleased to provide our customers with a list of service providers who have recent experience with our energy saving programs. 

Profit from our expertise.

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