Energylink Newsletter

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April 2018

  • Increased incentives until July 1
  • National Dig Safe Month

March 2018

  • Make tax time easier with myaccount.
  • Clean your meter.

February 2018

  • Go online and see how you can save.
  • Protect yourself from the silent killer.

January 2018

  • See our energy-efficient equipment incentives for 2018.
  • Sewer blockage? First call Ontario One Call.

December 2017

  • Happy holidays from Union Gas
  • Keep ice and snow off your gas meter and exhaust vents

November 2017

  • Upgrading heating equipment for winter?
  • Carbon monoxide awareness week

October 2017

  • Target your energy savings
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

September 2017

  • Increased cash incentives for a limited time
  • Blocked sewer? Make the call for safety

August 2017

  • Find out how you can reduce the impact of Ontario’s cap-and-trade
  • Before you dig, call Ontario One Call

July 2017

  • Want to save money and energy? Visit our redesigned Save Money & Energy webpage to find everything you need to know
  • Cap-and-trade reminder
  • Learn about gas meter safety

June 2017

  • Learn how you can save money on installation of new, energy efficient equipment
  • Smell rotten eggs? Know what to do if you have a natural gas leak
  • Cap-and-trade update

May 2017

  • Before you clear call Ontario One Call to locate a possible cross bore
  • Energy efficiency incentives for commercial and industrial businesses
  • Cap-and-trade cost on your bill

April 2017

  • Before you renovate this spring, contact Ontario One Call to locate utility lines.
  • MyAccount is like having an Account Manager at your fingertips.
  • Cap-and-trade recap

March 2017

  • Find out what cap and trade is costing you.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from Carbon Monoxide.

February 2017

  • Questions about cap and trade
  • 2017 Commercial and Industrial Customer Fixed Incentives

January 2017

  • New cap-and-trade costs are included on this bill.
  • Union Gas rates and rate zones have changed.

December 2016

  • Cap and trade starts next month - reduce the impact on your bottom line.
  • From all of us at Union Gas, Thank you for your business in 2016. Have a safe and happy holiday!

November 2016

  • What cap and trade means for your business
  • Reading your Union Gas bill

October 2016

  • Understanding cap and trade. What will cap and trade cost you?

September 2016

  • The Ontario government's cap-and-trade program comes into effect Jan. 1, 2017. Find out how it can affect your business.

August 2016

  • While natural gas leaks are rare, they can occur. Learn how to keep your employees, customers and property safe.

June 2016

  • Upgrading your space heating, water heating and cooking equipment will reduce your energy use and cut your operating costs. And Union Gas has increased our rebates to help make those energy-saving upgrades more affordable than ever.

May 2016

  • This year Union Gas is offering bigger cash rebates on a wider range of energy saving equipment for your commercial building.
  • Locate underground lines before you dig.

February 2016

  • Learn how MyAccount can make getting ready for tax time easier. Also find out what rebates Union Gas has for you when installing energy efficient equipment.

December 2015

  • Get 2016 off to a great start by saving thousands in future energy costs. Find out more about energy saving programs, equipment, rebates and managing your account online.

November 2015

  • Find out how MyAccount organizes all your annual billing information and emails it directly to you. Also discover what cash incentives your business is eligible for that could help you pay for energy-saving upgrades.

August 2015

  • Learn how natural gas is by far your best energy value and how to get even more value from Union Gas.

June 2015

  • Learn about incentives on equipment upgrades that can save you money and reduce your energy use.

May 2015

  • Learn how to save your money and time with MyAccount.

March 2015

  • 2015 Equipment Upgrade Rebates - get paid to upgrade!

February 2015

  • New paperless billing features make your life easier.

December 2014

  • Get 2015 off to a great start by saving thousands in future energy costs.

September 2014

  • The easy way to get answers

August 2014

  • Count on Union Gas to deliver your best energy value

May 2014

  • Are you open to saving?
  • Improve your air flow and your cash flow