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May 2016

  • This year Union Gas is offering bigger cash rebates on a wider range of energy saving equipment for your commercial building.
  • Locate underground lines before you dig.

February 2016

  • Learn how MyAccount can make getting ready for tax time easier. Also find out what rebates Union Gas has for you when installing energy efficient equipment.

December 2015

  • Get 2016 off to a great start by saving thousands in future energy costs. Find out more about energy saving programs, equipment, rebates and managing your account online.

November 2015

  • Find out how MyAccount organizes all your annual billing information and emails it directly to you. Also discover what cash incentives your business is eligible for that could help you pay for energy-saving upgrades.

August 2015

  • Learn how natural gas is by far your best energy value and how to get even more value from Union Gas.

June 2015

  • Learn about incentives on equipment upgrades that can save you money and reduce your energy use.

May 2015

  • Learn how to save your money and time with MyAccount.

March 2015

  • 2015 Equipment Upgrade Rebates - get paid to upgrade!

February 2015

  • New paperless billing features make your life easier.

December 2014

  • Get 2015 off to a great start by saving thousands in future energy costs.

September 2014

  • The easy way to get answers

August 2014

  • Count on Union Gas to deliver your best energy value

May 2014

  • Are you open to saving?
  • Improve your air flow and your cash flow