Energylink Newsletter

Our business-focused newsletter to share information, energy efficiency tips, the latest news and incentives from Union Gas

December 2018

  • Union Gas wishes you a safe and happy holiday season
  • Keep a clear path to your meter

November 2018

  • Lower your heating costs this winter
  • Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week starts November 1

October 2018

  • Condensing Boiler cash incentives of up to $6,000
  • If you smell sulphur or rotten eggs, it could be a natural gas leak.

September 2018

  • Union Gas incentives for infrared heaters
  • Call before you clear

August 2018

  • Take advantage of increased incentives—act now and save even more later
  • Call or click before you dig

July 2018

  • How can a service provider help you?
  • Call or click before you dig

June 2018

  • Assess natural gas energy-saving opportunities
  • Identify high-efficiency equipment upgrades eligible for cash incentives

May 2018

  • Training programs with Save on Energy
  • Blocked sewer? Call Ontario One Call for a free inspection

April 2018

  • Increased incentives until July 1
  • National Dig Safe Month

March 2018

  • Make tax time easier with myaccount.
  • Clean your meter.

February 2018

  • Go online and see how you can save.
  • Protect yourself from the silent killer.

January 2018

December 2017

  • Happy holidays from Union Gas
  • Keep ice and snow off your gas meter and exhaust vents

November 2017

  • Upgrading heating equipment for winter?
  • Carbon monoxide awareness week

October 2017

  • Target your energy savings
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

September 2017

  • Increased cash incentives for a limited time
  • Blocked sewer? Make the call for safety

August 2017

  • Find out how you can reduce the impact of Ontario’s cap-and-trade
  • Before you dig, call Ontario One Call

July 2017

  • Want to save money and energy? Visit our redesigned Save Money & Energy webpage to find everything you need to know
  • Cap-and-trade reminder
  • Learn about gas meter safety

June 2017

  • Learn how you can save money on installation of new, energy efficient equipment
  • Smell rotten eggs? Know what to do if you have a natural gas leak
  • Cap-and-trade update

May 2017

  • Before you clear call Ontario One Call to locate a possible cross bore
  • Energy efficiency incentives for commercial and industrial businesses
  • Cap-and-trade cost on your bill

April 2017

  • Before you renovate this spring, contact Ontario One Call to locate utility lines.
  • MyAccount is like having an Account Manager at your fingertips.
  • Cap-and-trade recap

March 2017

  • Find out what cap and trade is costing you.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from Carbon Monoxide.

February 2017

  • Questions about cap and trade
  • 2017 Commercial and Industrial Customer Fixed Incentives

January 2017

  • New cap-and-trade costs are included on this bill.
  • Union Gas rates and rate zones have changed.