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August 2015

  • Learn how natural gas is by far your best energy value and how to get even more value from Union Gas.

June 2015

  • Learn about incentives on equipment upgrades that can save you money and reduce your energy use.

May 2015

  • Learn how to save your money and time with MyAccount.

March 2015

  • 2015 Equipment Upgrade Rebates - get paid to upgrade!

February 2015

  • New paperless billing features make your life easier.

December 2014

  • Get 2015 off to a great start by saving thousands in future energy costs.

September 2014

  • The easy way to get answers

August 2014

  • Count on Union Gas to deliver your best energy value

May 2014

  • Are you open to saving?
  • Improve your air flow and your cash flow

March 2014

  • MyAccount: a little help for business owners at tax time
  • Streamline your accounts payable with paperless billing

November 2013

  • Your Union Gas Bill Amount is now available by email
  • Infrared Heaters – Warm up to serious savings
  • Energy Target Calculator

September 2013

  • Energy Target

August 2013

  • Your Union Gas Bill Amount is now available by email
  • Energy-Efficient Commercial Cooking withDemand Control Kitchen Ventilation
  • Special Points of Interest

June 2013

  • Natural Gas Boilers

May 2013

  • Summer Space Heating Projects
  • Apply Now! Fast, Easy and Online
  • Green Energy Act Regulation 397/11

March 2013

  • Your Bill and Consumption - Online
  • 2013 Energy Saving Incentive
  • Special Points of Interest

November 2012

  • Apply Now! $200 Instant Submission Bonus
  • The Perfect Hire - MyAccount
  • Special Points of Interest

August 2012

  • Space Heating Equipment and Incentives
  • Find it Online - service provider directory and incentive application
  • Special Points of Interest

May 2012

  • Better Incentives. Easy Process. Bigger Profit
  • $200 Early Bird Bonus
  • Special Points of Interest