The RNG Advantage

A new source of energy and revenues

A Balanced Energy Solution

RNG has a significant role to play as an energy solution that balances environmental and economic needs. Investment in RNG development can tap into existing infrastructure to deliver lower-cost, lower-carbon energy – offering an immediate, affordable and practical alternative for emissions reduction.

New revenue streams

Learn how to lower your greenhouse gas emissions while generating income from a waste by-product.

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Carbon-neutral fuel

RNG is not a fossil fuel and does not add carbon to the environment.

Even more importantly, RNG captures and converts methane from waste treatment facilities, preventing the release of emissions that are 25 times more harmful than CO2. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint of energy consumption while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Harnessing even 10 per cent of Canada's RNG potential would generate enough clean energy to heat one million homes for a year.

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New revenue streams

Generate income from a waste by-product by selling biogas, or cleaning and conditioning that biogas and selling the RNG.

We can help you process and sell your biogas.
  • We can buy raw biogas and convert it into RNG
  • You can sell your RNG on the open market and deliver it to our distribution system
  • Use our knowledge and equipment to earn revenue for your business