The RNG Advantage

A new source of energy and revenues

Reliable, affordable and as green as wind and solar

Access to a reliable and plentiful supply of low-cost, low-emission energy is essential to a sustainable future. As a dependable complement to intermittent renewables such as wind and solar, RNG can help meet Ontario’s growing energy demands and stricter environmental targets.

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Balanced Energy Solution

RNG has a significant role to play in an energy solution that balances environmental and economic needs. Investment in RNG development can tap into existing infrastructure to deliver lower-cost, lower-carbon energy – offering an immediate, affordable and practical alternative for emissions reduction.

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Net Zero Carbon

RNG doesn’t add carbon to the environment because it’s recycled from biogas that already exists in the environment. RNG is considered carbon neutral.

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New Revenue Streams

RNG turns waste into a valuable resource, creating new revenue streams, new jobs and new investment opportunities for Ontario.

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Government Funding

The Government of Ontario will be offering incentives for the development and expansion of RNG.

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