Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

RNG: For a cleaner, stronger Ontario

The power of renewable energy

RNG harnesses the biogas generated by landfills, waste treatment plants and farms to create a carbon-neutral fuel with all the environmental benefits of renewable electricty sources like wind and solar. It offers a practical way to turn waste into energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

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The RNG Advantage

RNG turns a waste by-product into a reliable energy source, lowering GHG emissions and creating new revenue streams for Ontario.

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What is RNG?

Renewable Natural Gas, also known as biomethane, is derived from biogas created through anaerobic digesters on farms or through naturally occurring gas in landfill sites and wastewater treatment facilities.

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RNG in Ontario

RNG produced by the City of Hamilton from its wastewater treatment plant is fed into the natural gas distribution system.

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