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The advantages of LNG

With increased demand for cleaner energy sources, LNG is fast replacing diesel and gasoline throughout the transportation sector and beyond. The ability to harness a low-cost, low-emission fuel will play an increasingly important role in meeting the world’s energy needs. Liquefied Natural Gas can offer the following:

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Lower Operating Cost

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Lower Carbon Footprint

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Proven Hauling Power

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An effective remote energy source

Building pipelines to remote locations is cost-prohibitive. LNG provides facilities that are off the grid with a cleaner-burning, lower-cost alternative to diesel, propane or fuel oil.

A safe alternative to gasoline and diesel

  • All refuelling stations are built to strict, federally regulated standards.
  • In the event of a leak or rupture, LNG simply evaporates.
  • A leak leaves no ground or water residue, making clean-up unnecessary.
  • LNG is not stored under high pressure and is not explosive. Although a large amount of energy is stored in LNG, it cannot be released rapidly enough to cause an explosion.

The cost of switching to LNG

LNG is less expensive than diesel by virtue of the lower commodity price of natural gas. The cost of LNG will vary for each customer based on a number of factors. Contact us directly to see how it can affect you.

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