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A bus pulling up to the sidewalk

Hamilton Street Railway

The first public transit system in Canada has converted its fleet to CNG, the City of Hamilton is saving money and lowering emissions with new natural-gas-powered buses. Learn how CNG can work for you.

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    The city partnered with us for the design, construction and maintenance of a new CNG compressor station. This is now the highest capacity station in Ontario, able to fill buses faster than a diesel pump.

    The station fuels 120 new CNG buses that were purchased over a six-year period. We own and maintain the CNG compressor station, and Hamilton is responsible for its operation.

a man standing beside a Faromar pickup truck

Saving Faromar $5,000 per truck

Faromar Energy Solutions (a division of Faromar Ltd.) is changing over their entire fleet of pickup trucks to bi-fuel capability. Using cleaner, lower cost CNG as the primary fuel for all return-to-base operations saves an average of $5,000 per vehicle per year.

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    And the installation of a fast fill CNG fuelling station on site means sales and service staff can quickly fill up each morning rather than stopping en route.

    “Operating on CNG has broad benefits for us because our company promotes environmental solutions and conservation in the agriculture industry – and natural gas burns cleaner. But the bottom line is cost. Gasoline is very expensive and when you save 50% per cent every time you fill up, the CNG systems pay off very quickly.”
    Gary Blenkhorn, President, Faromar Ltd., Shakespeare, ON
coldstar solutions logo

Cold Star Freight

Cold Star Freight was the first company in Canada to adopt CNG tractors for their return-to-base operations. As a food wholesaler and distributor, it is essential that they provide their customers with reliable, timely and cost-competitive service.

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    Cold Star Freight invested in 10 Class 8 MACK trucks for their Vancouver Island fleet. Fortis BC and Cold Star partnered to build a card-lock, fast fill refuelling station, three blocks from the Cold Star operation in Langford. This kind of station can be built for any commercial operation.

    The new CNG vehicles easily meet performance requirements, with payloads up to 36,287 kg (80,000 lb) of Gross Vehicle Weight, and a range of 600 km (372 miles) per fuel load.

    The transition from diesel to CNG was seamless due to excellent technical support plus driver and management training from MACK tractor and Cummins Westport, who designs and manufactures CNG engines. The CNG rigs displaced 380,000 litres (100,388 U.S. gallons) of diesel in the first year and saved 30 per cent on fuel costs.

    With these results, Cold Star is adding more CNG tractors to their fleet. In fact, Cold Star is committed to converting as much of their fleet as possible in the future.