Refuelling in Ontario

Fuelling convenience and choice

Public or private, en route or on-site

CNG fleets in Ontario have a range of refuelling options. CNG pumps at a growing list of retail gas stations provide fast, on-demand refuelling similar to gasoline and diesel. Time fill stations allow for cost-effective refuelling overnight.

Many fleet owners have invested in their own on-site CNG refuelling stations. The addition of public, semi-public or card-lock dispensers allows other fleets to access these private CNG stations, creating an additional revenue stream for station owners.

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Proven technology

Refuelling stations for natural gas vehicles incorporate proven commercial technologies that can be configured to meet a wide range of fleet needs.

a man connecting a refuelling nozzle to a transport truck
Self-serve is easy

Vehicle refuelling does not require any special training. The refuelling nozzle simply clicks onto the vehicle receptacle. When the cylinder is full, the dispenser automatically shuts off and the operator disconnects the nozzle.

a truck refuelling
Fast fill or time fill

CNG refuelling systems can be configured for fast fill or time fill. Fast fill stations dispense CNG quickly, like gasoline and diesel. Time fill stations use filling posts that vehicles are connected to overnight. By morning, all vehicles are fully refuelled and ready to roll.

Shunt truck
Grow at your own pace

On-site stations can be configured using a modular design that allows you to start small and add capacity as fleet refuelling needs grow.

CNG in Ontario

A growing number of public stations are currently up and running. New stations have been built in Quebec, with more in development along the 401 corridor between Windsor and Toronto. This ensures a long-term, low-cost alternative to diesel.

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    Alternative fuels are shifting the landscape of the commercial transportation industry. CNG helps the transportation sector, the largest energy consumer in Ontario, realize significant savings and benefits.

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  • Public Stations

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    Provide 24/7 access with payment and card-lock options. These stations are available along Highway 401, with more being built between Windsor and Toronto.

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  • Public Stations - Coming soon

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    • HUSKY, 4040 Essex County Rd 46, Windsor, ON N8X 3Y8
    • Flying J, 3700 Highbury Ave S, London, ON N6N 1P3
    • Flying J Travel Center, RR6, 628 1 #41, Napanee, ON K7R 3L2
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  • Refuse Collection

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    There are over 700 refuse vehicles currently being powered by CNG within 11 municipalities throughout Ontario.

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  • Site-dedicated CNG

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    Equipment on your property will be configured to your needs. And because natural gas already reaches many facilities, it’s easy to install on-site stations.

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Helping Cold Star Freight Save 30%

Cold Star Freight was the first company in Canada to adopt CNG tractors for their return-to-base operations. As a food wholesaler and distributor, it is essential that they provide their customers with reliable, timely and cost-competitive service.

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    Cold Star Freight invested in 10 Class 8 MACK trucks for their Vancouver Island fleet. Fortis BC and Cold Star partnered to build a card-lock, fast fill refuelling station, three blocks from the Cold Star operation in Langford. This kind of station can be built for any commercial operation.

    The new CNG vehicles easily meet performance requirements, with payloads up to 36,287 kg (80,000 lb) of Gross Vehicle Weight, and a range of 600 km (372 miles) per fuel load.

    The transition from diesel to CNG was seamless due to excellent technical support plus driver and management training from MACK tractor and Cummins Westport, who designs and manufactures CNG engines. The CNG rigs displaced 380,000 litres (100,388 U.S. gallons) of diesel in the first year and saved 30 per cent on fuel costs.

    With these results, Cold Star is adding more CNG tractors to their fleet. In fact, Cold Star is committed to converting as much of their fleet as possible in the future.

Refuelling Stations

Kingsmill 47228 Ron McNeil Line
Card Lock Credit Card – Office Hours Only Accommodates large tractors
Hiller Truck Tech – behind Flying J 5 Cochran Dr.
519-624-1999 Card Lock Credit Card – Office Hours Only Accommodates large tractors
ATW Automotive 733 Park Avenue West
519-345-6978 Card Lock Credit Card – Office Hours Only
Fort Erie
Truk King 1799 Pettit Road
Card Lock Credit Card – Office Hours Only Accommodates large tractors
London - coming soon
Flying J 3700 Highbury Ave S
Hi Tech Auto Care 1765 Trafalgar Street
519-453-2601 Card Lock - Office Hours Only Accommodates large tractors
Gain 1611 Britannia Road East
514-713-4737 Card Lock Accommodates large tractors
Napanee - coming soon
Flying J Travel Center 628 County Road 41 RR6
Kiff Auto 1031 Highway #7 East
705-749-1805 Card Lock Credit Card Accommodates large tractors
Core Fuels 219 Lorne Avenue East
519-272-0090 Card Lock Credit Card – Office Hours Only Accommodates large tractors
Lockerby Taxi 339 Harrison Drive
705-522-2221 Card Lock Credit Card – Office Hours Only
Windsor - coming soon
Husky 4040 Essex County Rd 46
Rural Green Energy 594676 Oxford 59 – South of 401
1-800-960-4002 Card Lock Credit Card Accommodates large tractors