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CNG and you

Is CNG right for your fleet?

The suitability of CNG for your business will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your fleet, distances driven, driving patterns and routes, turnover, growth requirements and vehicle replacement schedule.

Experience is key

Expertise is available to help you evaluate the implications of switching to CNG. You may want to consider on-site fuelling options, which can be configured to meet your business needs and growth requirements. For instance, modular fill stations and smaller compressors are available for start-up or slow-growth operations.

You will also need to know if natural gas can be supplied to your base site in the volume and pressure you will need.

These are all questions we can help you sort through. A member of our dedicated CNG team will be happy to meet with you, identify the items you’ll need to address and answer the questions that will make your business case.

We'll not only walk you through all aspects of your decision, we can provide a FREE, first-cut assessment of natural gas as a fuel for your fleet—so you'll have a clear picture of what it can mean to your business.

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