The CNG Advantage

Making fuel dollars go farther

The answer to unpredictable fuel prices

Fleets that range from small pickup trucks to highway tractors are finding low-cost, low-carbon CNG an increasingly attractive alternative to diesel and gasoline. Natural gas is the only fuel that has actually dropped in price over the past decade. And with new and abundant supplies right here in North America, it will continue to be the most stable, reliable and affordable energy source for the next 10 years and beyond.

Lower costs win contracts

CNG is a logical choice for competitive businesses and budget-conscious institutional customers. As the demand for low-emission alternatives continues to grow, so do the benefits of switching to a fuel that cuts costs, burns cleaner and helps you win and retain customers.

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An effective way to manage long-term budget forecasts:

  • A more-than-100-year supply of natural gas in North America ensures price stability
  • CNG pump price is less affected by commodity pricing than diesel
    • Roughly 60 per cent of diesel pump price is tied to the fluctuating market price of crude oil
    • Only about 30 per cent of CNG pump price is tied to the market price of natural gas, which is much more stable than oil
  • As prices for other fuels fluctuate, natural gas price will remain steady and low

Retail Price Advantage

image of a bus

CNG in Action – Hamilton Street Railway

The first public transit system in Canada to begin converting its fleet to CNG, the City of Hamilton is saving money and lowering emissions with new natural-gas-powered buses.

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    The city partnered with us for the design, construction and maintenance of a new CNG compressor station. This is now the highest capacity station in Ontario, able to fill buses faster than a diesel pump.

    The station fuels 120 new CNG buses that were purchased over a six-year period. We own and maintain the CNG compressor station, and Hamilton is responsible for its operation.

Ease into conversion

The switch to CNG vehicles can be integrated into your fleet replacement plan, so upfront costs are manageable. As your vehicles are retired, CNG vehicles can be phased in. We will work with you to arrange a plan that makes sense for your business and your budget.

On average, a typical heavy-duty CNG vehicle costs about 15-35 per cent more than the diesel equivalent. Other “green” transportation alternatives are considerably more expensive.

Leasing: all the benefits without all the expense

Leasing CNG vehicles allows you to weigh the advantages, without the initial investment.

  • Avoid the capital costs of vehicle acquisition
  • Confirm the benefits of CNG without the financial commitment
  • With a full-service lease, vehicle maintenance costs are covered
  • Already leasing diesel? Adding CNG trucks to your fleet will reduce fuel costs