Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for Transport

CNG: Driving our clean energy future

Leading the way on both costs and carbon

Be ready to take advantage of stable fuel prices, lower emissions and government funding by making the shift to the long-term alternative to diesel.

CNG Class 8 Demonstration Program

Experience first-hand how a CNG tractor works for your fleet. Lease a CNG-powered Class 8 tractor standard-spec day cab, with simple, on-site refuelling, for up to a month.

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Take advantage of the Green Commercial Vehicle Program

The Green Commercial Vehicle Program (GCVP) is an incentive-based program created to save costs for the commercial transportation sector. Get up to $30,000 back per vehicle when you switch to CNG. Learn more on the Ministry of Transportation website.

Facts and features:

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Low cost

CNG pump prices are consistently lower and more stable than diesel: natural gas costs less today than 10 years ago.

More Economic Benefits
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Low carbon

With up to 25% lower GHG emissions than gas or diesel, CNG is ideal for greener supply chains.

More Environmental Benefits
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Low emission maintenance costs

CNG engines are less costly to run than diesel because there is no emission equipment to maintain.

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Refuelling options

Fleets have access to public CNG stations along the 401 corridor as well as on-site refuelling.

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Power and performance

Comparable to diesel, CNG vehicles can pull up to 32,287 kg GVW and cover up to 1,700 km before refuelling.

More About CNG Basics
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CNG vehicles at work

Find out what fleet owners and drivers have to say about the impact of CNG in their day-to-day operations.

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