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Transportation. Electricity generation. Renewable energy. Excess heat use. These are just some of the areas where it pays to consider alternative energy solutions. Take advantage of the insights, ideas and incentives in this section to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs for your business.

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We have dedicated teams ready to discuss all aspects of an alternative energy solution and provide a free initial assessment of how a particular alternative can impact your business. Select an option below for more information and see how these powerful alternatives can transform your company's energy use.

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Compressed Natural Gas for Transport (CNG)

Switch to this clean alternative to diesel fuel and take advantage of stable prices and lower emissions.

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Give your business an advantage by using this energy source with the power to efficiently move vehicles and ships over long distances.

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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Request a Enbridge Gas assessment of the potential revenues and capital costs for turning biogas into energy while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Insulate your business from soaring power costs and fulfill thermal load requirements by using the waste heat produced from electricity generation.

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