North T-Service Transportation From Dawn

The North T-Service Transportation from Dawn service provides customers in Union Gas' North East Zone with an optional Firm transportation service from Dawn to Union Gas' NDA, NCDA and EDA. 

This seamless transportation service offers access to Dawn-based supply and to have a firm transportation service to move the gas from Dawn to their respective delivery areas at cost of service rates.

Service Features

The North T-Service Transportation from Dawn Service has a Base Service offering and a Supplemental Service offering.  Eligible customers may elect either service offering or both.

Base Service transportation capacity has an initial contract term of one year, with automatic annual renewal. Customers may elect a Firm Daily Quantity (FDQ) under the Base Service up to the greater of:

a)  Firm Contract Demand for distribution service; or

b)  Peak day in the previous 12 months; but in no case greater than 3,000 GJ/day. 

The Base Service continues to automatically renew until the earlier of:

a) Customer ceases to take firm distribution service from Union Gas;

b) the underpinning TCPL contract expires (15 years); or

c) Union Gas is able to facilitate TCPL turn back at customer’s request consistent with Union Gas' turn back policy at the time.

The Supplemental Service:

a) Supplemental Service has no quantity limitation. 

b) Supplemental Service term is a 15-year commitment, based on the underpinning TCPL contract which Union Gas would acquire on behalf of the customer.  Unlike the Base Service, the customer assumes the rights and obligations of the costs on the path for the term.

For more information on eligibility and availability of this service, please contact your Union Gas Account Manager.