Open Bill Access Program

A simple way to streamline customer billing

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We're launching the new Open Bill Access* program in the former Union Gas service area. Now, companies that sell, rent or rent-to-own energy-efficient products can offer customers the option to make payments as part of their monthly Enbridge Gas bill.

Why choose Open Bill Access?

By using Enbridge Gas' Open Bill Access program, your organization will get a convenient and cost-effective billing and payment collection system. We take care of everything, including:

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Handy online enrolment portal
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One-time and recurring billing options
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Easy access to billing reports
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Customer and biller support
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Bill printing and mailing services
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Cash management
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Customer and biller support
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Dispute liaison
Get started now
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How your customers benefit

Open Bill Access allows your customers to consolidate all energy-related services on one bill from their trusted natural gas provider.

  • A more convenient payment option.
  • Saves time.
  • Friendlier to the environment.
  • Offers eBill and automatic payment withdrawal options.

Better billing every month

Your company name and a brief message will appear on page three of the customer’s monthly Enbridge Gas bill for easy identification.

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Your portal to better billing

With our handy online Biller Portal, you can easily see your monthly remittance statements, query billing reports, remove billed customers, update your company info and more.

Screenshot of Enbridge Gas Billing Agent Portal
We’ll provide a handy step-by-step guide to make it easy.

What you will need to get started:

  • Company information, including energy-efficient product offerings.
  • Banking information, with a copy of a void cheque.
  • Completed registration form (emailed to you after you sign up).
  • 12-month high-level billing forecast estimate.
  • Electronic copies of sample sales/rental contracts, verification call scripts, sales staff training manual and list of sales channels.


Which equipment can be billed?

Open Bill Access supports the billing of the following energy-conservation products.

Residential Products

Product Type Specifications
Furnace (owned or rented)
  • Must be above 95% AFUE.
Water Heater (owned or rented)
  • Must be 0.90 EF or higher natural gas water heater (tankless).
  • Must be 0.80 EF or higher natural gas water heater (tank).
Gas Boiler
  • Must be at least 90% AFUE.
Smart Thermostat
  • Must upgrade from a manual or programmable thermostat to a smart thermostat.
  • Must upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® certified model.

Commercial and Industrial Products and Programs

Product Category Product Name Specifications
Space Heating Furnace
  • > 97% AFUE.
Unit Heater
  • > 90% thermal efficiency.
  • Must be condensing (new construction or retrofit) or;
  • Must be high-efficiency non-condensing (new construction or retrofit) or;
  • Must be high-efficiency near-condensing retrofit boiler or;
  • Must be condensing new construction > 94.4% AFUE or;
  • Must be condensing retrofit > 90% AFUE.
  • Must be boilers over 300,000 BTUH with thermal efficiency >90%.
Air Curtain
  • All models are eligible.
Destratification Fans
  • All models are eligible.
Infrared Heater
  • All models are eligible.
Dock Door Seals
  • All models are eligible.
Smart Thermostat
  • All models are eligible.
Gas Heat Pump
  • All models are eligible.
Water Heating Water Heater
  • Must be a storage tank with a thermal efficiency of ≥ 94.5%.
  • Must be a tankless with a thermal efficiency of ≥ 92.9%.
  • Must be condensing (new construction or retrofit) or;
  • Must be high-efficiency non-condensing (new construction or retrofit) or;
  • Must be high-efficiency near-condensing retrofit boilers.
  • Must be condensing new construction > 94.4% AFUE or condensing retrofit > 90% AFUE.
  • Must be boiler over 300,000 BTUH with thermal efficiency >90%.
Ozone Laundry
  • All models are eligible.
Front-Loading Clothes Washer
  • CEE Tier 2.
  • 1.25 GPM, 1.5 GPM.
Pre-rinse spray nozzle
  • Flow rate of 2.4 litres/minute (0.64 GPM) or less.
Ventilation Condensing Make-up Air
  • ≥ 90% thermal efficiency.
Demand Control Ventilation
  • RTU/MUA with CO2 Sensor.
Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Effectiveness: minimum sensible heat recovery effectiveness of 65% at 32 F.
  • Effectiveness: minimum sensible heat recovery effectiveness of 65% at 32 F.
Heat Recovery Ventilator
Foodservice Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation
  • Automated, variable/demand flow commercial kitchen.
Energy Star Fryer
  • Ventilation hood.
Energy Star Steam Cooker
  • Minimum efficiency of 38%.
High Efficiency Under-Fired Broiler
  • Minimum efficiency of 34%.
Combi Oven
  • Any model with Energy Star rating 2 of.2 is eligible.
Convection Ovens
  • All models are eligible.
Rack Oven
  • All models are eligible.
ENERGY STAR© Dishwasher
  • Low and high temperature.
Commercial Custom Engineering Feasibility Study
  • Typical projects include thermal surveys, facility air-balances, HVAC audits, energy audits, benchmarking activities and equipment upgrade studies.
  • Application requirements include copy of study and copy of third-party survey provider invoice.
Custom-HVAC-Roof or Wall Insulation
  • New: Base case R-value must be greater or equal to building code.
  • Replacement/upgrade:Base case R-value must be greater or equal to existing (new condition) or building code (if applicable). R-value cannot be adjusted lower for wet or damaged.
Customer Education with IESO Collaboration
  • Joint incentive through Save on Energy (IESO) for the following workshops: Building Operator Certification (BOC), Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Dollars to $ense Energy Management.
  • Application requirements include completion of training and certification from course organization and completed incentive application form submitted to IESO.
  • Harmonized incentive redemption process will be administered through Save on Energy, with a combined 75% incentive. IESO will provide a reduced incentive of 45% and Enbridge Gas will provide 30% to eligible customers.

What is the cost of participating in Open Bill Access?

The cost is $1.055 per bill per month, comparable to Canada Post postage costs per customer. This billing fee is subject to change with prior notice. For more details, please refer to the Billing and Collection Services Agreement, Appendix B, Billing Fee and Billing Fee Adjustment sections.

Can I promote this convenient payment option to my customers?

Yes! We'll provide guidelines to help you communicate this payment option to your customers after you've signed up.

How often do I receive my remittance payments?

You'll receive remittance payments monthly. You can log in to our Biller Portal for a detailed report of your payments.

How do you handle customer inquiries, payment disputes and repair requests?

Our team will provide the customer with general information about their bill; however, for inquires specific to your products, including repairs, we'll direct the customer to contact you directly. In addition, for any payment disputes, we'll notify you directly.

Take the first step towards simplified billing

Apply now by completing the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Note, this program is only offered for businesses who are offering their products and services in legacy Union Gas service area.

How did you hear about the program?


Third party businesses (billers) who participate in Open Bill Access service are not owned by or affiliated with Enbridge Gas Inc. To minimize customer confusion and assist customer’s in understanding the Open Bill Access service and the limited relationship between billers and Enbridge Gas Inc., the requirements set out in the Open Bill Access Billing and Collection Services Agreement (the OBA Agreement) and Biller Manual must be followed by all biller representatives engaging in any marketing activities (e.g. telephone sales, online chat). Enbridge Gas Inc. will not tolerate misrepresentation of the billing relationship by billers. Please refer to OBA Agreement and Biller Manual for detailed terms and conditions.