Connecting to Natural Gas

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If you are interested in natural gas for your business and are wondering how you can connect just follow the steps listed below – we make it fast and easy.

Contact an HVAC professional

A professional Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor can help you convert an existing building or appliances to natural gas. To find service providers who have recent experience with Union Gas' energy conservation programs, click here.

Your HVAC contractor can assist you by recommending the best natural gas system for your business - and once selected help you order your service from Union Gas.

Helping you get connected

Your HVAC contractor must have a signed contract from you before they order your natural gas service. Once you have signed a contract with your natural gas HVAC contractor or Engineer, they can request natural gas service online through our Get Connected online tool.

Please check your yellow pages to find a qualified HVAC contractor in your local area.  Also so that you are aware, Union Gas does not sell or service natural gas appliances.

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