About Union Gas

Leading the way

At Union Gas we are committed to helping our customers save energy. By teaching people how to use natural resources wisely through education, awareness and conservation programs, we can help you reduce your natural gas consumption and lower your energy bills.

The online tools you need to succeed

Union Gas offers many convenient tools to help you understand your bill and natural gas rates. Through MyAccount and Unionline you can complete your transactions at your own convenience, 24/7.

Working in partnership

At Union Gas we are dedicated to the safe operation of our facilities and to the protection of our employees, the public and the environment. As an organization we have a long history of providing safe and reliable service to our natural gas customers – natural gas has a track record for safety that is second to none.

In addition, the rigorous controls and safety standards that regulate the industry further ensure that natural gas is your safe energy choice. Working together in partnership, we can further strengthen our commitment to safety.

Making a positive impact

For almost a century Union Gas has proudly supported the communities where we live and work through comprehensive community relations programs.

Our programs include donations for charitable organizations, sponsorships, in-kind contributions and volunteerism. As well our employees are encouraged to be a vibrant part of their local volunteer communities.

We are proud corporate citizens in the 400 communities across Ontario where our facilities are located, and we look forward to having a positive impact where we live and operate for many years to come.

Whether you are a new Union Gas customer who has not yet received your first bill or someone looking for information on how to become a Union Gas customer this section will provide you with the information that you need.