Reading your natural gas meter

Ensuring accurate data

We read residential, commercial and some industrial meters every other month. A meter reading provides accurate data, ensuring that customers are paying for the exact amount of natural gas they use, not an estimated amount.

In the event that the meter is not read, the customer will receive a system-generated bill, which is calculated by considering past usage and adjusting it for exact weather conditions.

If a system-generated bill is incorrect, any over or under charge will be corrected the following month. That way, you will still be billed only for the gas you actually use.

Safe and easy access

The safety of our meter readers is important to us, so please keep the area around your gas meter free of overgrown brush and obstacles. This will allow safe and easy access for our meter readers so that they can read the meter and for our technicians in case of an emergency.

Your meter reading schedule for 2019

Our meter readers make every effort to read meters every other month. For your information, you may want to know when this will be done. Or you may be one of our customers who need to give the meter reader access.

Taking a meter reading

Gas meters measure the amount of gas used by counting the filling and emptying of compartments inside the meter. To find out how much gas was used over a certain period of time - such as one day or a billing period - take a reading at the beginning of the period and again at the end. The difference between the two readings is the amount of gas used.

How your gas meter works

Your gas meter measures your home or business's consumption of natural gas. Most meters are installed outside the building, but some may be installed within the building.

The gas meter is easy to identify. The metric design has five numbers in a row and measures gas in cubic meters. To read a metric gas meter, read the numbers from left to right just as you would a car odometer.

You may have an imperial gas meter, which has four dials in a row numbered in opposite directions, which measures gas in units of 100 cubic feet. Each dial must be read accurately to represent your correct natural gas usage.

To read an imperial meter, record the numbers left to right as indicated by the dial pointers on the four dials. If the dial pointer is between two numbers, read the lowest of the two numbers except when the dial pointer is between 0 and 9, in which case you would record the number 9. Both metric and imperial gas meters provide an accurate measure of natural gas consumption.
We read your gas meter every other month in order to provide you with an accurate bill. If, for some reason, we are unable to read your meter, you can provide us with the reading. If we do not have a reading by your billing date, we will estimate your gas usage and bill you according to the estimate.

Reporting your meter reading

In order to submit a meter reading, you will need the following information - account number (refer to your gas bill), meter number and your meter reading. Follow these easy steps and submit your meter reading using one of the following methods:

  • Online with myaccount - you may submit your meter read online quickly and easily without filling out a form each month. Once you have registered with myaccount, a calendar will display with the meter reading dates for your meter, as well as the last meter read on your account. You may choose to receive an email reminder each month telling you when to submit your next meter read, eliminating the need to keep a paper copy of your meter reading schedule. Login to myaccount to see how this can work for you.

  • By phone: call our Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-774-3111 and provide the auto attendant with:

    • Your account
    • Meter read
    • Meter read date (mm/dd)

Making special arrangements

If you have an indoor meter we will require access to the meter. A key can be confidentially kept by us and used to ensure accurate reads are reflected on your bill.

If you are not able to allow us access to the premise, we can arrange a convenient schedule to read your gas meter. Please contact the Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-774-3111 to see how we can accommodate your special needs.