Reading your Bill

Managing your energy costs starts with understanding your natural gas bill. Use the legend below to understand the sections of your bill.

Page 1 of our bill with numbers to represent each section
  1. Billing Period: The dates for which you are being billed for this statement.
  2. Account Number: The unique 14 digit number assigned to your account. Please use this number when you call us with a question or to pay your bill via telephone or internet banking through your financial institution.
  3. Service Address: The street address of the meter(s) being billed.
  4. Meter Number: Identifies the meter at the service address.
  5. Contact Numbers: If you smell gas or are concerned about a gas leak use the Gas Emergencies number, otherwise use the Customer Contact Centre number for general questions.
  6. Summary of What You Owe: Summarizes the balance forward from previous bills, any new charges, the total payment due and the pay by date..
  7. Message Area: This area contains messages that go to all customers, such as safety tips.
  8. Energy Profile: Includes a graph of your gas consumption and weather information for your region. This section may also include important messages about your account.
  9. Message Area: This area contains messages that go to all customers, such as safety tips.
  10. Billing Address: Where your bills are mailed to. It may differ from the service address. Please notify us by calling 1-888-774-3111 if you wish to change the mailing address.
  11. Return Mailing Address: If mailing your payment, include the bottom portion of the bill with your cheque and please write your account number on the cheque. Also ensure our address shows through the window of the return envelope provided..
  12. Account Stub Information: The summary information used by us or your financial institution to process your payment. If you are on our pre-authorized Automatic Payment Plan (APP), your payment withdrawal date will show here..

Reverse side of your bill:

Page 2 of our bill with numbers to represent each section
  1. Bill Calculation: Details the components of your natural gas services and the rates associated with each. Our rates are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), which reviews them quarterly to ensure they are fair and equitable to consumers. If you have a contract with a retail energy marketer, this is where the name and telephone number would be located.
  2. Gas Used: The cost of the actual natural gas commodity that your household or business has consumed during the past month. It varies with the amount of gas you use.
  3. Gas and Transportation price adjustments: the difference between our forecast and actual costs for natural gas and transportation to Ontario. These price adjustments are made quarterly to either refund or collect the difference so you pay what we pay.
  4. Transportation to Enbridge Gas: The cost to transport natural gas from where it was produced into our distribution system in Ontario. It varies with the amount of gas you use, and the pipeline system used to bring it into the province. We pass these costs through to our customers without mark up. (Note: as of Jan 1, 2017, this cost is included in the gas used charge for customers in Southern Ontario. These customers will no longer see a separate Transportation to Enbridge Gas line item on their bill).
  5. Storage: The charge to store the gas until it is needed.
  6. Delivery: The cost to deliver natural gas from our distribution system to your home or business.
  7. Monthly Charge: The set amount charged to each customer regardless of the amount of gas used. It partially covers the cost of maintaining a safe gas distribution system 24 hours a day, every day.
  8. HST: HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) will only appear in this section for those customers on the Equal Billing Plan (EBP). If you are not on the on EBP, your HST amount will be shown on the front of your bill in the summary section.
  9. Charges This Billing Period: For our Equal Billing Plan customers, shows the current monthly installment amount now due.
  10. Payment Options: Lists the different ways our customers can pay your natural gas bill.
  11. Gas You Used this period: Lists the meter readings for the current and previous month. The difference between these readings is the amount of natural gas you have consumed which is used to calculate your monthly charges. To calculate your energy consumption more accurately, a Barometric Pressure factor, based on your elevation, is assigned to your location.
  12. Service Messages: This section of your bill contains detailed information about specific charges on your bill such as the monthly charge, as well as details some of our processes such as meter reading..