Natural Gas Rates

Current natural gas rates

April 1, 2021

Your rate area is determined by your location. All rates are reviewed and approved by the Ontario Energy Board.

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For more information on natural gas rates, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Current Natural Gas Rate Notices by Area

Business rates outlined below typically apply to medium - large commercial and small industrial customers. These customers include small businesses, small greenhouses, restaurants, hotels and retail stores and consume more than 50,000 m3 of natural gas each year.

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If you purchase your natural gas supplies from an energy marketer, the price you pay for your gas depends on the terms of your contract. Customers served by an energy marketer can find their rate notices below.

View a summary of historical rate change notices.

Note: Small Businesses that consume less than 50,000 m3 of natural gas each year are listed in the residential rates section.  Large Commercial and Industrial Businesses that consume more than 500,000 m3 of natural gas each year and have signed a contract with Union Gas are listed in the contract rates section.

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