What Happens Next?

Now that I am registered for Master Summary Billing, what happens next?

Once your completed registration form is emailed to masterbilling@uniongas.com, the Master Summary billing team will determine what Master Billing cycles apply to the accounts and provide a summary email for your confirmation.

Confirmation email will illustrate how many Master Bills and cycles you will have, how many accounts on each Master Account, planned date for activation, myaccount id set up information and email address to link to the myaccount id.

Once confirmation is received from you verifying your account set up, email address and start date, the billing team will begin processing your accounts to Summary Billing.

When processing is complete, accounts are registered for Master Billing and your myaccount ids are activated, you will receive an email notification from masterbilling@uniongas.com that the registration is complete and the expected date of your first bill. You will also receive the Master Summary Billing Calendar to outline billing dates and periods.

When your first Master Bill is issued you will receive an email notification from myaccount - your bill is ready. If you are on paper Master Bill this will be your advanced notice that the printed Master Bill is in the mail and on it's way. This will also allow you to start processing your Master Bills, since you can access and print the bill from myaccount.

The email notification will identify the Master Bill is ready in the address portion of the automatically generated email. Master addresses on the email are shown as 1, 2, 3 or 4 Master Summary Billing St, Chatham Ontario. The number indicates the master cycle, bill and master billing indicates the summary billing service.

Once you are a Master Summary Billing customer any questions regarding your bill or charges can be directed to masterbilling@uniongas.com. This email inbox is monitored regularly by our billing team and they provide same day or next day response.