Master Summary Billing Registration Process

  1. Customer completes the registration form to inquire or register. Customer forwards completed registration form to
  2. Enbridge Gas receives registration and determines number of Master Summary bills. An email is sent to the customer with an overview of their accounts on master billing and requesting confirmation of account information and date of activation.
  3. The Master Billing Department receives confirmation and starts processing billing activation and registration of accounts on myaccount.
  4. The Master Billing Department sends email notification to the customer when registration is complete, date of first Master Bill and myaccount ids. For security purposes, a second email will be sent, only to you, with a temporary password.
  5. Customer will receive email notifications when your Master Bills are ready online to access, download and in the mail. Master Bill email notifications will include an address of 1, 2, 3 or 4 Master Billing Chatham, Ontario. The number indicates the Master Bill and id for myaccount.

Once you are an active Master Summary Billing customer, is your single point of contact for all Enbridge Gas billing inquiries.

Registration to Master Summary Billing includes registration and id set up on myaccount.

Ids in myaccount will be set up to reflect your Master Accounts. For example, if your accounts are in all four Master cycles this will result in four Master Bills and accounts. For each Master Account an id will be created in myaccount to show the Master Account and individual accounts on that Master only, allowing customers to see accounts by Master Bill. In addition to Master Account ids in myaccount, we will also create an id for all accounts providing one view of all accounts for comparison and download.

Your myaccount id will indicate the Master Account cycle.
(your unique id name) MSB1 - Master Bill - Cycle 1
(your unique id name) MSB2 - Master Bill - Cycle 2
(your unique id name) MSB3 - Master Bill - Cycle 3
(your unique id name) MSB4 - Master Bill - Cycle 4
(your unique id name) MSB - All accounts