Master Summary Billing Features & Benefits

myaccount Accounts Screen 

Access all accounts from one myaccount id

  • Streamline payment processing: With four master summary bills a month, reduce the number of bills and payments for processing. Master Bills can also be set up for automatic payment or electronic funds transfer for even more convenience.
  • Summary bill and detailed account information: Access detailed individual account information, anytime with myaccount. Access to 24 months of billing history for view, print and compare 24/7.
  • Save time, paper and clutter: With myaccount, it provides online access to interactive links that will help explain, analyze and download every aspect of your bill.
  • Email notification when bill ready: With myaccount and master summary billing, each month an email notification will be sent notifying you when your master bill is ready and has been billed. This email can trigger your traditional AP process.
  • Access multiple bills, accounts under one id: Easily view, move, compare and download billing data for all accounts and master bill accounts.
  • Stop manual data entry of bill line items: Download all billing data for all accounts into a CSV or PDF.
  • Separate tax line item: The master bill lists tax as a separate column on the bill. If there has been an adjustment on the account the adjusted tax amount will be reflected in the tax column.
  • Reduce late payments fees: With myaccount, receive email notification when your bill is ready allows you to start the bill payment process sooner to avoid late charges.
  • Summary total/invoice: The master summary bill will include all the dollar amounts for all of your selected accounts onto four weekly invoices per month and myaccount provides access to all individual account detail.
  • Anytime access to two year of billing and usage data: Graph, compare or download billing and energy data.