Master Summary Billing and myaccount FAQ

What is Master Summary Billing?

Master Summary Billing (MSB) combines 20 daily billing cycles into four weekly summary bills.  Customers will receive no more than four Master Summary Bills for all of their accounts that can be paid, processed and tracked as individual accounts. 

How many bills will I receive?

There are four weekly billings, up to a maximum of four bills per month. Master summary bills are issued by paper or eBill and you will receive a myaccount email notification when the bill is ready.

What happens to my other bills? Do I lose this detail?

All bills including the individual account bills and details are available online, with myaccount for view, download or print. Our myaccount service gives you more detail than the printed bill.

How do I know how many Master Bills I will receive?

The number of Master Bills is determined by the number of accounts in the four Master Billing cycles. For example: if you only have accounts that bill in one week all of your accounts will be on one Master Summary Bill, or if you have accounts that bill over two weeks you will have two Master Summary Bills.

How do I register for Master Summary Billing?

Once you have confirmed your intent to participate in Master Summary Billing you will be provided with a registration form and contract. The registration form is an excel file format that requires the list of account numbers that you would like to be included on Master Summary Billing, a brief descriptor for each account, the number of ids and the naming you prefer for the ids.

How do you know what cycles your accounts are in?

When you submit a registration form Enbridge Gas will determine for you how many Master Bills you will have. No matter how many accounts you have you will receive no more than four Master Bills per month.

Master Summary Billing Email Screen

When will I start MSB?

Upon receipt of the completed registration form for processing and scheduling. Processing will assess the number of Master Bills, the number of accounts under each Master Bill, the time required to complete the transfer, a scheduled date for completion and when you will see your first Master Bill. Scheduling will be completed on a first come, first served basis and we are happy to work with your schedules for a coordinated timeline to start the new billing service. Contact us as soon as possible if you intend on participating in Master Summary Billing to ensure your preferred timeline is available.

Can I also have a eBill Master Bill?

Yes. Since the Master Account will also be available on myaccount you can register for eBill Master Billing.

Can I apply for electronic funds transfer or automatic payment?

Yes. Master Summary Bills are eligible for automatic payment or electronic funds transfer. Simply indicate on your registration form that you would like to register or transfer your current payment methods to the Master Accounts. Automatic payment helps control late penalty charges by automatically paying your Master Bill on the due date.

What happens if I am late paying my Master Bill?

The Master Bill will follow the same late payment process as the individual bill. If a payment is late on a Master Bill you will receive a friendly reminder message on your next bill. If payment is still outstanding, we will contact the Master Account customer/main contact through a live call. During this call the customer will be given 30 days (from live call date) to pay/resolve the bill issue. In the event we do not receive payment, we will disconnect service to the highest volume individual account on the Master Bills. If the account is still not paid within 10 days, we will shut off the second highest volume account on the Master Bill. This disconnection process will continue until the bill is paid or arrangements to pay have been approved.

What if I am already a myaccount customer?

Then you are already familiar with myaccount and all the functionality it offers from a bill processing and energy management perspective. We will simply set up the Master Accounts on myaccount for you, which is automatic when you complete the registration form. Once we activate the Master on myaccount, we can also deactivate the email notifications for the individual accounts already on myaccount. Only Master Account email notifications are sent, reducing the number of email notifications to Master Accounts only.

Who can I call if I need help or have a question on Master Summary Billing?

As a Master Summary Billing customer, is your single point of contact for all of your billing and payment questions, and they can help point you to the right information. The Master Summary Billing team monitors email regularly and is committed to replying to our customers within two business days.