How to download MSB account data in myaccount

Log on to myaccount

  1. Using the drop down arrow beside the account number on the top right hand side of the screen, select any individual account (not Master Account)

  2. Click - Bills & Payments

  3. Select the Sub Tab - Download All Data

  4. Select Download Type - Billing Data (CSV file format): Detailed Data or Summary, or Bill Image (ZIP file of PDF images)

  5. Select Date Range - All Available Dates (24 months), Current Bill, Date Range

  6. Select Accounts - Default automatically selects ALL accounts

  7. Start Download - Result in link to detailed data in excel (CVS file) format for all accounts listed on the master myaccount id

Download All Data myaccount Screen

  1. Download is ready "Click here"

Download All Data Confirmation myaccount Screen