Master Summary Billing

The smart solution for managing multiple accounts

Lady holding papers Managing a successful business means looking for efficiencies everywhere you can - and now you can save time every month with Master Summary Billing.

Four weekly summary bills instead of daily individual bills

Master Summary Billing is a new billing service for multiple account customers that streamlines your operations in many important ways. This new service combines Union Gas's current 20 daily billing cycles into four weekly summary bills, providing multiple account customers with no more than four Union Gas Master Summary Bills for all of their accounts, per month. And for your convenience each of these bills can be paid, processed and tracked as individual accounts.

Streamline billing with detailed account information

The convenience of master summary billing is enhanced with anytime access to all individual account detail though our online account application called myaccount. It provides even more detail than the individual or Master Summary bills, with 24/7 access, 24 months of billing, payment, and usage history available for view, comparison, download or print.

More information

Find more information on Master Summary Billing, how it works, frequently asked questions and the registration process by using the links on the left, under Master Summary Billing.

Registration Form - Application and Inquiry

Customers with more than five Union Gas accounts are eligible to apply for Master Summary Billing. Knowing how many Master Summary Bills you will have will be important for determining your interest and eligibility. To submit a Master Summary Billing application or inquiry, simply complete the registration form (excel) and email to

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