eBill is the way to go

Anything mail can do, email can do better.

Our email features make eBill more convenient! By choosing to receive your gas bill as an attachment on your monthly email notification you have access to additional features like payment reminder emails and annual history.

Email Attachment
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Receive your gas bill as an attachment on your monthly email notification. Access your billing without logging into myaccount.

Payment Reminder

Receive an email reminder five days before your late payment date.

Annual History
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Choose this option, and we will automatically email you an annual summary showing 12 months of gas usage and billing history, all in one document.

Benefits of eBill:

  • Get a head start on your accounts payable processing: Receive a monthly billing email notification that includes a summary of your charges and a copy of your bill as a PDF attachment.
  • Automatic annual history: Each January you will receive an annual summary showing up to 12-months gas usage and billing history.
  • Avoid late payment fees: Sign up for a payment reminder email five days before your late payment date - never forget a payment.

How to enrol in eBill:

  • Log in to myaccount
  • Select your eBill options on your account summary screen
  • If you are logging in to myaccount for the first time, you will need your 14-digit account number and an email address.