What Union Gas does with your Request?

After the project is approved, we'll initiate all permits including road crossings, stream crossings and city permits. These permits can take anywhere from one to four weeks to arrive in our office, depending on where they are coming from, and the time of year.

We then transmit your request to our contractor who will apply for locates from other utilities such as phone and hydro. Again, in the busiest times of the year, these can take up to two weeks to obtain.

You will receive 2 email notifications to help you track the progress of your natural gas service. Each notification will include a reminder to notify the Customer Attachment Centre at 1 866 772-1045 if the foundation date changes. This is very important as it is based on this date that the gas service will be installed within 5 weeks.

The 2 notifications include:

  • A 'Receipt Acknowledgement' will be emailed once your request for gas service is processed in our system.

    This email will confirm the foundation date you provided and will give you the date by which the gas service will be installed (Service Install By Date). Should you wish to delay the installation of your gas service (the Service Install By Date) please call the Customer Attachment Centre as soon as possible.

  • A 'Transmit Acknowledgement' will be emailed when your request is sent to the field for installation scheduling.

    This email will list all the addresses that have been sent to field for construction and have not yet been installed. A reminder will be included to advise the Customer Attachment Centre if the foundation date has changed. Your service will be installed within 5 weeks from this date. Should you wish to delay the installation of your gas service (the Service Install by date) please call the Customer Attachment Centre as soon as possible.

If you call us in advance to change your service installation, it will be rescheduled to be installed within a 2 week window. However, if the crew arrives on the scheduled installation date and the site is not ready for gas service installation (i.e. the site is not accessible or the meter location is not clearly marked), installation will be rescheduled for the first available appointment up to 5 weeks.

In order to maintain our safety and service standards, please ensure that:

  • The running line of the service, from meter location to property line, must be accessible and kept free of construction materials, debris and ensure all trenches are backfilled on the day that the installation crew arrives.
  • The meter location must be clearly marked on the foundation wall ensuring proper clearances to building openings and the site be backfilled within 6” of final grade.

    Note: If meter location is not marked on foundation at the time of installation, and measurements were not provided on the application, the company meter set location shall be 2 metres back from the front corner of the dwelling (i.e. from the livable portion of the dwelling). If a clearance conflict exists at this location, the installation crew will select a location close to the company meter set location in order to mitigate clearance issues. Any additional piping and/or charges to relocate the gas service after the original installation are the responsibility of the requestor.

The meter will be installed automatically (within 4 business days) following the service line installation. Meters will be set and locked off unless construction heat has been requested.

We will contact you 14 days prior to the occupancy date you have provided to schedule the final inspection of the appliances that will be installed at time of occupancy. The meter will be turned on when we attend the site to complete this inspection. If you require that the meter be turned on prior to this time, you should submit a Builder Meter Turn On / Inspection Requests.

Note:  In areas where joint trench installation methods are used, the 5 week installation window will not apply as normal coordination with other utilities will take place. In addition, services applied for in remote locations or those with unusual construction conditions will also be exempt from this installation window and in cases where this is applicable you will be advised.