Potential Costs

New Service Application Costs

There will be no charge to the homeowner for natural gas services with a length of 30 metres or less if the location is in the former Union Gas service area.

Excess Footage Charge

In the event that it is necessary to go beyond 30 metres (the preferred location for the gas meter is 2 metres from the front corner of the house) a rate of $45 per metre (+ tax) of service line will apply.

Additional costs may apply when:

  • Extreme construction conditions are identified (for example: full bedrock for the length of the service)
  • A service is being re-established at a location where a gas service was previously abandoned.
  • A customer requests pressure gas (that is above the standard 1.75kPa or 7"w.c. delivery pressure), and a Registered Pressure Factor Metering station is required.

We will contact the HVAC to advise of any additional charges, and will request an additional signed agreement prior to construction.

Service Replacement Costs

If the location is in the former Union Gas service area, we will complete a full or partial abandonment at no charge, to make safe for demolition and construction work. Cost recovery for replacement services is applicable for all lots previously serviced by Union Gas. The replacement service will be installed at a rate of $80 per metre plus $210 for the meter and initial inspection work, plus tax. Charges will be applied based on length of service installed from the connection point to meter location.