Potential Costs

As of January 1, 2012, Union Gas will implement changes to the “New Service Application” fees.

Specific "New Service Application" fee changes are as follows:

  • Increase to the service length installed at no charge

    There will now be no charge to the homeowner for natural gas services with a length of 30 metres or less. Previously, the first 20 metres were free.
  • Increase to the excess footage charge

    In the event that it is necessary to go beyond 30 metres (the preferred location for the gas meter is 2 metres from the front corner of the house) a rate of $45 per metre (+ tax) of service line will apply. The previous rate was $35 per metre (+ tax).

This policy change will result in more natural gas services being installed at no charge to the homeowner.

Please note that a change in the policy now allows a service to be installed for a water heater load only.

 Note – As was previously the case, additional costs may apply when:

  • Extreme construction conditions are identified (for example: full bedrock for the length of the service)
  • A service is being re-established at a location where a gas service was previously abandoned.
  • A customer requests pressure gas (that is above the standard 1.75kPa or 7"w.c. delivery pressure), and a Registered Pressure Factor Metering station is required.

Union Gas will contact the HVAC to advise of any additional charges, and will request an additional signed agreement prior to construction.