Residential Builder

Welcome, you are here because you are a residential home builder that is looking to:

1. Request a new natural gas service line

Submit your application via our online attachment tool - GetConnected.

2. Request construction heating

Submit your application via our online attachment tool - GetConnected and indicate construction heating.

Note: For Construction Heat, only manufacturer’s certified installation instructions indicating acceptability of the appliance for construction heat use will be accepted.

Finishing heat

As furnace manufacturers have incorporated construction use instructions for their appliances, the TSSA is no longer acknowledging the need for the finishing heat process. Enbridge Gas will be discontinuing the use of finishing heat forms and will no longer be providing them for builders or heating contractors. Builders should transition to the construction heat program, a transition period will be acknowledged. The TSSA registered Heating Contractor/Installer will ensure 100% compliance as per the TSSA Advisory (FS-232-17).

3. Inquire about the status of an existing natural gas service line request

If you have applied via GetConnected and have a question about a specific address, click on the action button beside that request and send us an email. We will respond within 2 business days.

4. Request a meter set/turn-on and/or inspection

If your meter has not automatically been set after the installation of your gas line, or if you need to arrange for a turn on or inspection, please go to GetConnected, select the action button beside the appropriate address and follow the prompts.

Before requesting a final inspection, read the Guidelines for Builder Final Inspection.

Initial installation checklist:

  • All major construction and finishing work has been completed.
  • The home has been cleaned of all construction and finishing materials.
  • All gas equipment is fully installed as per local code and ready to be activated.
  • Furnace and ductwork are cleaned and new filters installed to ensure there is no residual drywall and/or construction debris.
  • Manufacturers' installation and operation instructions are present.
  • All interior/exterior gas piping is installed in accordance with all local code.
  • Pressure test tag(s) are complete and present.
  • All appliance vents (combustion and air intake) are installed in accordance with all local codes.
  • All gas pipe and appliance vents are sealed at entrance points.
  • All clearances to the natural gas meter and regulator(s) are met.


  • Enbridge Gas is responsible to unlock a gas service that is off and locked. No other party can activate a gas service that is locked.
  • Appliance setup and commissioning is the sole responsibility of the TSSA registered Heating Contractor/Installer.
  • In a situation where a final inspection reveals that proper set up and commissioning has not taken place, Enbridge will use the Safety Infraction process (sometimes referred to as a B-Tag). What you will see on the Safety Infraction will read “Appliance requires Commissioning as per CSA B149.1 Clause 4.3.1” The builder will require the Heating Contractor/Installer to return to perform the work and clear the Safety Infraction.
  • Appliances requiring set up and commissioning as per the manufacturer installation instructions, including Furnaces, Boilers and Combi-Heat/Hot Water units (Hot Water Tanks if noted in the manufacturer instructions)
  • Appliance set up and commissioning does not apply to gas appliances (unless noted by the manufacturer instructions), including BBQs, Fireplaces, Ranges and Dryers.
  • All furnaces used for construction or finishing heat must be commissioned by the HVAC Contractor prior to the inspection for home owner occupancy.

Alternatively, you can email a copy of the Residential New Build Meter / Set Turn on / Inspection Form to

5. Request a load change, pressure change and/or meter/service relocation

Submit your application via our online attachment tool - GetConnected.

6. Request end-meter banking

End-meter banking is a superior building option that moves individual gas meters from the front or back of your townhouses and groups them onto one or two end walls. It’s an easy way to improve your front door or backyard appeal.

Contact the new residential construction team for more information.

7. Download forms

8. Access quick links

For all other inquiries, please call 1 866 772-1045.