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Welcome, you are here because you are a commercial/industrial builder that is looking to:

1. Build a commercial/industrial building and need to order a natural gas service

NOTE: For commercial/industrial buildings, a CAD site plan showing the proposed gas meter location is required with your gas service application. Someone in our Attachment Center will contact you should additional information be required. 

2. Demolish an existing commercial/industrial building and need to have the existing gas service removed and new service installed at a later date
If, due to construction, an existing gas service must be removed, Union Gas requires you to do the following, which will take 6 to 8 weeks:
  1. Contact Union Gas at 1-866-772-1045 to remove the existing gas service and then
  2. Complete an application through the Online Attachment Tool or print and fax the Request For Action(RFA) to install the new gas service. 
3. Inquire about the status of an existing natural gas service line request
If it has been longer than 7 weeks since you received our transmit acknowledgement notification for your commercial/industrial service request and you wish to follow up, submit a Status Request. We will respond back to you within 2 business days. 
4. Request a meter set, turn-on or inspection
5. Request a load change, pressure change and/or meter/service relocation
6. Change the account information
Submit a change to the account information through the I'm Moving section or call the Union Gas Customer Contact Centre at 1 888 774-3111. 


For all other inquiries please contact your Union Gas Account Manager.

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Online Attachment Tool
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