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Commercial Industrial

Welcome, you are here because you are a commercial/industrial builder that is looking to:

1. Build a commercial/industrial building and need to order a natural gas service

2. Demolish an existing commercial/industrial building and need to have the existing gas service removed

  • Complete the Commercial / Industrial Information Sheet
  • If, due to construction, an existing gas service must be removed or relocated, please allow 6 to 8 weeks and call the Customer Care Centre at 1 888 774-3111

3. Inquire about the status of an existing natural gas service line request

If it has been longer than 7 weeks for your commercial/industrial service request and you wish to follow up, login to GetConnected and select the action button for the specific address and press Email Us or submit a Status Request. We will respond back to you within 2 business days.

4. Request a meter set, turn-on or inspection

5. Request a load change or pressure change

6. Download forms

7. Access quick links

For all other inquiries, call 1 866 772-1045 or contact your Commercial Energy Conservation Advisor.