Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions section has the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Get Connected.   Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources.

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I'm thinking of converting to natural gas, how do I get a natural gas service?

Getting a new natural gas service is relatively simple. The process begins by contacting a heating/cooling contractor to supply and install a natural gas heating system, or converting your existing system. The contractor will order your new gas service from Union Gas, but they must have signed a contract with you prior to submitting the order. The service request must come from your contractor. Find a contractor who will ensure the entire process is simple for you. For a list of qualified heating/cooling contractors in your area, visit the HRAI website or check your local yellow pages or visit our site: Converting your Home to Natural Gas.

Once the service has been requested, you may be required to meet with our installer to:

  • Identify the location of any private underground service on the property (septic, oil/propane tanks, buried electrical lines, sprinklers, etc.) to avoid potential damage
  • Provide access to the home to allow the installer to identify the depth and location of the sewer services. Identification can take the form of visual inspection with measurements, or use of an inline locating tool. Damage to the sewer services can occur during the installation of the natural gas service line if the sewer services are not properly identified prior to installation

If you are purchasing a home without natural gas, and you plan to convert, you must wait until you are in possession of the property before a new natural gas service can be installed. Then you can contact an HVAC contractor to guide you through the connection process.

Under normal circumstances, there is no charge to run a natural gas line to your home. Additional charges may apply if the length of the gas service between your front property line or the gas main (whichever is closer) and your gas meter is further than 30 metres.

How do I prepare my site for installation of the service?

  • The running line of the service, from meter location to property line, must be accessible and kept free of construction materials and debris. All trenches must be backfilled on the day that the installation crew arrives
  • The meter location must be clearly marked on the foundation wall ensuring proper clearances to building openings. Clearance Requirements
  • The foundation must be backfilled within 6” of final grade. 

How long will it take to have my gas service installed?

Natural gas service and gas meter installation on new residential construction generally takes approximately six weeks from the date we receive your application, or six weeks from the foundation date

For all types of installation requests, the length of time to install your service may be impacted by unusual construction conditions, permit requirements, or if you are in a "remote location".

Residential conversion service requests will take approximately seven to eight weeks for installation. This date may be impacted by the customer's availability to meet with the installer to identify private underground services on the property (septic, oil/propane tanks, buried electrical lines, etc.), and availability to provide access to the home to allow the installer to identify the depth and the location of the sewer services. We recommend that you do not remove your existing heating equipment until your gas service is installed.

Commercial/industrial service requests will take longer due to the special meter component equipment required, as well as permits and design approvals.

As we strive to meet these service level expectations, please recognize the fall is the busiest season for us and, at times, service levels may be impacted as a result.

What conditions might delay my service installation?

In certain situations, unexpected delays may be experienced. Possible reasons may include:

  • Acquiring municipal permits and approvals
  • For special permits such as highway or water crossings, the length to install may be significantly impacted
  • Timing of public utilities locates (hydro, telephone, cable, etc)
  • Timing of private utilities locates (septic, propane/oil tanks, sprinklers, etc) or identification of the depth and location of the sewer services
  • Geographic (construction conditions) and weather (frost and freezing temperatures) limitations
  • Remote locations do not follow the standard installation windows

What are and how will I know if there are "unusual construction conditions"?

Unusual construction conditions refer to things like multiple lane road crossings, and railroads crossing that require special permits. Examples also include: higher gas main pressures requiring special safety connection components, continuous bedrock, or locates and permits from municipalities. A site visit may be required by our staff, and we will advise you accordingly.

How will I know if I'm requesting a gas service in a "remote" location?

Union Gas has determined there are areas in our franchise that fall outside our main construction centres.  When you apply for a service in an area considered to be “remote” you will receive an e-mail to advise you.  Find out if your service request is located in a remote location.

Why do I need to have an initial appliance inspection?

Ontario Regulation 212/01 of the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000 requires an inspection of all appliances installed at the time of occupancy before they are put into use and for all premises that are supplied with natural gas for the first time.

What are the implications if the initial inspection isn't completed?

The implications can be serious. In the case of a newly built building (residential or commercial/industrial) if the building is occupied, the builder and/or the occupant will be issued an infraction and will have 49 days to schedule and complete the initial inspection. If the initial inspection is not completed in that timeframe, the gas meter will be shut off and the building will be without natural gas.

How do I re-establish a service at a location where a gas service has been abandoned or removed?

Union Gas has a replacement service agreement which applies when a residential service is abandoned and replaced with a new service on the property. Union Gas completes a full or partial abandonment at no charge, to make safe for demolition and construction work. Cost recovery for replacement services is applicable for all lots previously serviced by Union Gas. The replacement service will be installed at a rate of $80 per metre plus $210 for the meter and initial inspection work, plus tax. Charges will be applied based on length of service installed from the property line or the connection point (if inside the property line) to meter location.

Submit your service request via our online attachment tool - GetConnected.

Under normal construction conditions, installation of your gas service will typically require 6 weeks from request to installation.

Union Gas was here installing or working on my gas service, when will my lawn or property be repaired?

Union Gas and our pipeline contractors usually complete lawn or property restoration in the Spring for work done in the previous Fall/Winter construction period. If the restoration has not been completed beyond the Spring time frame, you may inquire with Union Gas by e-mailing us for new service lawn/property restoration.

What can you tell me about the billing process once my new gas service is installed?

General questions regarding your gas bill can be found on these sites: myaccount and bills & payments