Invoice and Payment Options for Contract Customers

We are pleased to offer contract customers and Energy Marketers a number of invoice and payment options that are convenient and easy to use. Contract customers are businesses that purchase a large supply of natural gas from Enbridge Gas through a contract coordinated with an account manager. Non contract businesses can view billing and payment options.

Invoice Options

Enbridge Gas customers have three options to receive or view their invoice:

  • Paperless Invoicing: By electing paperless invoicing you choose to receive your invoice via email. To enroll in paperless invoicing you can contact your account manager or email or to enroll yourself:
  1. Log in to Enerline.
  2. Navigate to the Invoices menu. From the dropdown list, select Billing Account & Paperless Invoicing.
  3. Click the chevron on the right for the Billing Account invoice you would like to have sent electronically.
  4. Under the Billing Account Contacts section, indicate who should receive the electronic invoice by clicking the Paperless Invoice Recipient checkbox next to each applicable contact. To add additional contacts, click the "Add" button.
  5. You can indicate as many paperless invoice recipients as you like.
  6. Click on the "Submit" button and the form will be electronically submitted. Please note: Requests received more than five (5) business days prior to the last day of the month will be effective the following month.
  7. You are ready for paperless invoicing! Every month, all contacts indicated as the paperless invoice recipient will be sent an electronica copy of the invoice via email.

If you don't have Enerline, it is fast and easy to register.

  • View your invoice online
    • Log in to Enerline and view your current invoice and your account history
    • If you don't have Enerline, it is fast and easy to register
  • Receive your invoice by mail

Payment Options

Customers have three options to pay their invoice:

  • Pay by cheque: Cheques should be made payable to Enbridge Gas Inc. and include the invoice number. Please send your cheque and a copy of the invoice to:

Mailing Address
Enbridge Gas Inc.
P.O. BOX 2001
N7M 5M1

Courier Address
Enbridge Gas Inc.
N7M 5M1

  • Pay online: To pay your invoice online, you can set up ENBRIDGE GAS INC. - LARGE ACCOUNT with your financial institution using the Billing Account number starting with "BA" found on your invoice (e.g. BA00000).*Please note: this option is currently not available for customers invoiced in U.S. dollars. We continue to work with financial institutions to add this option in the near future.
  • Pay by wire: Wire payments are accepted by Enbridge Gas Inc. Wires must be accompanied by remittance detail (Billing Account number(s) and amount paid for each invoice). Your remittance details can be emailed or faxed to:

    Enbridge Gas Inc.
    Attention: Payment Processing
    Fax: 1 800 799 0039 or (519) 436 5401

Payment Due Date

For information on your payment due date please refer to your invoice.