T-Service Short Term Supplemental Storage

Are your gas costs as low as they could be? 
Would more storage smooth your operations?

Day to Day, Month to Month Storage: A service for customers with T-Service contracts Manage your storage and your bottom line

You can store your natural gas at our Dawn storage facility, injecting gas and withdrawing it when you need it. It is available as both a firm and interruptible service. Short Term Supplemental Storage gives you the opportunity to manage the market by taking advantage of gas price swings. You can also store gas, using it later in the season when you really need it.

The availability of Short Term Supplemental Storage space is dependent on Union having the space available. The negotiated rate is reflective of the market.  It is made available to industrial customers on a case-by-case basis throughout the year.

Union Gas' record of reliable service ensures you'll get the most out of your guaranteed storage space. Cycling (multiple injections and withdrawals) and firm injections and withdrawals are available at negotiated rates. The negotiated rates must fall within a range set by the Ontario Energy Board.

For more information contact your Union Gas Account Manager.