Discretionary Gas Supply Service (DGSS)

Do you need small quantities of natural gas to meet your contract obligations?

A supplementary Gas supply service of last resort for Union Gas South Direct Purchase customers. Union Gas South Direct Purchase contract customers, who are unable to access market supplies from other sources, can purchase supplementary gas directly from Union Gas through the Discretionary Gas Supply Service (DGSS) to meet their unplanned, excess consumption. Gas purchased through this service will reflect market pricing, as well as an administration fee.  The administration fee that Union Gas will charge for this service is the same as that approved for system gas sales. See Schedule A, note 1.

To use the service, call and submit a request to your Union Gas Account Representative. Your e-mail or fax request confirms the amount of gas you want, your delivery date and the price you are willing to pay. Union Gas will then go to the marketplace on your behalf and, if we can meet your requirements for price, quantity, and delivery date, we will complete the deal and arrange delivery to your Banked Gas Account (BGA) or storage account. If we cannot get the terms you have requested, you can either change your request or seek another supply option. Once you provide the terms and Union Gas arranges for supply, you are obliged to complete the purchase and cannot alter the agreement. When the deal is finalized, we will confirm the details on Enerline or by fax.

An authorization notice from Union Gas will be required to receive additional gas you want to purchase. The annual Daily Contract Quantity will continue to be set to reflect the natural gas consumption forecast mutually agreed upon between you and Union Gas. Gas purchased through DGSS represents non obligated gas supply to meet your contract obligations. As this is a supplementary service, you must maintain firm transportation requirements that allow you to meet the DCQ commitments. Union Gas credit requirements will apply to all purchases.

All supplementary gas supply purchases, including DGSS, are subject to any Union Gas system constraints.

For more information contact your Union Gas Account Manager.

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