Burner Tip Storage Service

Peak Storage:  A service to help Union South interruptible customers manage their gas costs

Short term storage helps customers manage gas costs

The Burner Tip Storage Service is an offering that allows Union South interruptible customers to inject gas into a storage account (ie. during the typically lower-priced summer months) and “withdraw” this gas through consumption at an end-use location (i.e. the burner tip).  The gas injected into storage can only be used to meet consumption in excess of a previously supplied forecast (e.g. Banked Gas Account- BGA).

The availability of Burner Tip Storage Space is dependent on Union having space available.  The negotiated rate will be reflective of the market value of storage at the time the space is sold.

Please note:  This service is only available to Union South’s Rate M5 and M7 interruptible customers who hold Hub and Direct Purchase contracts.

For more information contact your Union Gas Account Manager.

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