Balancing Transactions

Transactional Services are used by Direct Purchase (DP) customers (Bundled-T, Rate T1/T2/T3, T-Service, and Unbundled) to assist in balancing their storage and banked gas accounts.

A customer must submit a balancing request at least three (3) business days in advance of the effective date of the transaction. Transactions submitted via Enerline can be processed with only one (1) business day's notice. Requests made with shorter notice will be evaluated on a reasonable efforts basis.

Transactions that involve two direct purchase contracts must be accepted for each contract before the transaction is executed.

The transaction must be fully executed before the transaction will occur.

All transactions must be nominated.  Refer to Section 1.06 of the General Terms and Conditions for scheduling of interruptible services.

For Rate T1/T2/T3 customers, the net result of the balancing transaction and other storage activity will determine injection/withdrawal charges. If the net storage activity results in storage injection or withdrawal overrun, the overrun is deemed unauthorized unless approved in advance by Union Gas.

For more information contact your Union Gas Account Manager or Union Gas Customer Service Representative.

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