Natural Gas is a Safe Fuels

Carbon Monoxide DetectorTHE SAFETY RECORD of natural gas is second to none.  All around you natural gas is being used safely all year long for many different purposes. To cite just a few examples: natural gas is used to provide space heating and water heating in many shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, schools, and apartment buildings; to provide cooking energy in the majority of restaurants; and to fuel taxis and delivery trucks more cleanly and economically than other fuels.

Modern Natural Gas Appliances are Safe

MODERN NATURAL GAS appliances and accessories are certified to high standards by the Canadian Standards Association, Underwriter Laboratories of Canada and similar organizations. Before they can be sold in Ontario, natural gas appliances must undergo and pass rigorous testing under more extreme conditions than would occur in your home. For example, natural gas furnaces must meet up to 500 different requirements for safety and performance.

MODERN NATURAL GAS appliances also have built-in safety features, such as an automatic shut off valve that will stop the flow of gas to the appliance if the pilot light or burner goes out.

STRICT CODES, which are updated on a regular basis, also apply to the installation of natural gas equipment.  Contractors who install natural gas appliances must receive special training and be licensed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).

THESE STANDARDS, performance testing programs, and installation codes assure consumers they are getting a quality product when they buy a natural gas appliance.