Pet Safety

Secure your dog for meter reader safety

We love dogs, but they don't always love us. Even friendly dogs can become aggressive when protecting their owners and home or business.

And a person injured as a result of a dog in Ontario is entitled to seek compensation. That means, if your dog bites and injures someone, you could end up paying a lot of money in damages.

What you can do:

  • Go to myaccount to sign up for meter reading reminder emails and secure or move your dog when it's time to read your natural gas meter and during scheduled service visits
  • If you expect a problem ensuring safe access on your expected meter reading date, submit your meter reading through myaccount or by telephone at 1-888-774-3111, option 2
  • Post a 'Beware of Dog' sign on your fence or house to avoid surprises


I own a dog. What else can I do to ensure that visiting utility employees are safe?

Train your dog to obey simple commands like "sit", "stay", "no" and "come" as obedience training can teach your dog proper behavior and help you control it in any situation. And be sure all vaccinations and inoculations for rabies and parasites are up to date.

I just got a new dog. Is there something I should do?

Yes, call us at 1-888-774-3111 and let us and (other utilities) know.

Where can I get more information about dog liabilities and penalties?

More information is available from the Dog Owners' Liability Act.