Municipality Cross Bore Safety

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Cross bore awareness is important

We believe that working closely with municipalities goes a long way to prevent hazardous consequences of unintended utility cross bores.

Enbridge Gas, residents, plumbers and municipalities all have a role to play to prevent dangerous consequences of unintended cross bore intersections. For us, it's a safety issue, plain and simple. It's important we all stay informed and the lines of communication remain open.


The role of municipalities is an important one with regard to cross bore safety. Like us, they are on the front lines of the safety effort.

What municipalities can do

  • We urge municipalities to reinforce with plumbers and sewer cleaning contractors the importance of participating in cross bore safety programs.
  • They should modify their SOPs to direct homeowners, plumbers and their sewer departments to call Ontario One Call for a Sewer Safety Inspection prior to attempting to clear a sewer blockage.
  • We suggest that municipalities include cross bore safety information on their websites with relevant information.

As well, we urge that they communicate our cross bore program to:

  • Municipal staff (to provide general public awareness).
  • Public works and sewer department staff (to provide operational awareness).

Useful tips

    • Use a camera before beginning maintenance activities on sewer mains.
    • Continue to contact us if inspection of sewer lines indicates a sewer cross bore.
    • Contact our utility cross bore safety program coordinator to discuss and review your maintenance program and possible data sharing opportunities.
    • Provide accurate and timely sewer locates to support new construction and cross bore investigations.
    • Promote sewer locating capabilities on new sewer construction.

Cross Bore Diagram

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