Celebrating 100 Years Est. 1911


Switchboard Operator (1950)

Fifth St. Chatham Office

Windsor Radio Shop (1950)

Sanyo Memo-Scriber (Dictaphone) - 1980's

Used by Union Gas Secretaries

Land Survey Telescope

Land Survey Telescope (Close-up)

Foxboro No. 3 Type Planimeter

This Planimeter was used for Square Root on Gas Flow Meter Charts. This model was used for 12" charts. The reading obtained multiplied by one of the factors given in the instructions will give the average square root of the differential for a 24-hour period.

Foxboro No. 3 Type Planimeter (Close-up)

Key Punch (1960)

A Key Punch is a machine for manually entering data onto punch cards. The key punch looked like a small desk.

Dual Flue Gas Analyser (Model 59)

Measured oxygen (O2) and Carbon monoxide (CO) to calculate Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Made by Combustion Instruments Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Appliance Lighters

This type of lighter was issued to a Customer Service Representative. One model is a bullet type and the other a square. These were used to light appliances.

Lock for Turn-Off Valves

These locks were used for gas turn-off valves on gas service lines. This was to prevent unauthorized use of gas.

Gas Mask Instructions

Instructions for the use of the Willson Gas Mask - 1968

Gas Mask

Permissible Gas Mask used for Ammonia protection. Used during Gas Air Conditioner service around 1968.

Glass Sample Tubes Used for Low Pressure Sampling of Natural Gas

1945-1949 - Used at producing wells to check for hydrogen sulphides in the gas

Glass Sample Tubes (Inside Case Cover)

Inside case cover of glass sample tubes used for low pressure sampling of natural gas

Heiss 16' Gauge (1973)

One of 4 used for pressure standards calibration. At the time ranged from $1500-$1800 each. Normal field gauge cost averaged $35.00-$50.00

1960's Lantern

Used for night work barricades

Mercury Manometer

Mercury Manometer, circa 1950, used for field testing orifice meter gauges on a 3 month basis