Celebrating 100 Years Est. 1911


Aerial View 50 Keil Drive North, Chatham, ON

Brantford Office (1974)

Brantford Office (1997)

The site was designed as a naturalized environment with plant species indigenous to the tallgrass prairie & savanna landscapes seen in Brant County which are among some of Ontario's rarest ecosystems. In May 1996, Union Gas was awarded an Environmental Achievement Award by the Ontario Ministry of Environment & Energy.

Lakeland Natural Gas Limited ® 1954

Wallaceburg, ON Office (1950s)

Chatham Service Centre, Lacroix Street, Chatham, ON

Building housed offices, service dept., distribution and maintenance, parts stock room, new appliance storage, distribution line mapping, and gas safety inspection dept. Meter repair was done in the upper level. 1948, now site of Sobeys.

City Gas Co. of London, ON (1968)

Dutton Office (1961)

Engineering Department

Move From Fifth Street to St. Josephs Auditorium, Chatham, ON

Galt Preston Hespeler New Service Centre (1963)

Goderich Office (1990)

Guelph Show Room (1985)

Hagar Office (1995)

Head Office - Fifth Street Chatham, ON (1928)

Huntsville Ontario North East District (1995)

Leamington Sketch of new Service Centre (1961)

Burlington LEED building (2008)

Kingston LEED Building (2009)

Windsor LEED Building (2009)

Office Showroom of Blenheim Office (1960)

Paris Office (1958)

Proposed Site of 50 Keil Drive N Office, Chatham, ON (1965)

Notice Parry Bridge over the Thames River and Sugar beet factory silos in the distance.

St. Thomas Office (1960)

Sturgeon Falls Ontario North East (1995)

Site of the Lab and Gas Ledger Dept.

Market Square, Chatham, ON

Windsor Office (1959)

Tilbury Office (1950s)

Union Gas 5th Street Chatham, ON with addition of 2 floors (1950s)

Union Gas Port Alma, ON (Circa 1940s)

Sarnia Office (1950s)

First Union Gas 0ffice (Early 1920s)

The office was on the second floor of this building at the corner of Market Square and Wellington Streets, Chatham, ON.