Celebrating 100 Years Est. 1911

Marketing Communications

Union Gas's 75th Anniversary Logo

Dominion Natural Gas Co. Ltd (1904 to 1950)

ICG Utilities Ontario Ltd (1954)

Lakeland Natural Gas Limited ® 1954

Northern and Central Gas Corporation Limited (1985)

Northern and Central Gas Corporation Limited (1985)

Twin City Gas Company ® 1954

United Gas Limited

Registered Trade Mark (1950 - 1974)

Union Gas Sign on Port Alma, ON office

Gas Genie Doll

In the late 1950's, early 1960's the American Gas Association worked with Walt Disney Studio artist Gene Hazelton. He designed a black & white logo version of the gas genie. Union Gas took this image & created the Gas Genie doll as shown.

The 1980's Engee Enerbear

The Genie Doll slowly phased out & was replaced by the Engee Enerbear. This Bear was introduced by Channel Sales and Marketing as a way of communicating to customers the personality of Union Gas & the lifestyle value of natural gas energy.

Union Gas Crest (1950 - 1974)

This sample of the Union Gas patch were distributed to all Service representatives to sew on their hats or shirts.

Various hats throughout the years