Celebrating 100 Years Est. 1911

Comfort of Home

Chatham Appliance Showroom (1951)

Chatham Appliance Showroom (1951)

Appliance Sales (1952)

Meter Reader (1952)

Thamesville Cooking School (1955)

Windsor Cooking School (1952)

Moffat Stove

Gas stoves took up less space and were set on legs, to make it easier to clean under them. This example is a 1930s design by Moffats Limited, Weston, ON.
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Ruud Gas Sidearm (RED Model) Water Heater (1898)

This Ruud has two independent coils so either one could be replaced if needed. Later versions had insulated sheet metal casings for lower heat loss & more durability. Automatic control was added so they no longer needed attention.

Antique Humphrey Radiant Gas Fire #20 - Circa 1898

This fireplace measures 21" high, 19" wide, 8".  Deep Marking: "General Gaslight Co., Kalamazoo, Michigan"

Antique Stove

Enamel white - White Star - Est 1935

Antique Stove

Enamel green - Early 1940's-One piece door panels and splash back design to show a smoother, cleaner look.

McClary's 2:2 (Ca 1925)

This is a "Laundry" style 2 burner side by side. Would take an old style copper boiler.

Rex Side Arm Water Heater (1900's - 1950's)

This sample of a vintage Rex Water Heater tank was manufactured by the Toronto Hardware Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Rescued from a house in Wallaceburg. Quite efficient but no safety standards, so the owner had to be diligent turning it off!

Cookbook and Recipe Card

Produced in conjunction with 1950's Union Gas Cooking School