Guiding Principles

Medicine WheelAt Union Gas, we are guided by five principles that shape each and every interaction we have with First Nations and Métis communities. We:

  • Are committed to building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with members of the First Nations and Métis communities;

  • Recognize and respect the unique cultural and historical characteristics of First Nations and Métis peoples and their connection to the land;

  • Will ensure culturally appropriate consultation occurs in our operations and development of our infrastructure projects;

  • Acknowledge the First Nations and Métis treaty rights as recognized and affirmed in the Constitution Act of 1982;

  • Will adopt the First Nations and Métis Relations guiding principles that will advance the corporation's strategic interests and fulfills our commitments to the First Nations and Métis peoples.

Metis Parade

Métis parade


At Union Gas, one of our core values is developing win-win relationships that create real and lasting value for everyone.


At Union Gas, we believe diversity and inclusion make us a stronger organization from the inside out. We want our workforce to reflect the communities we work in and with.


At Union Gas, we believe that knowledge and understanding are the best investments we can make to ensure a brighter future for all.


At Union Gas, we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible way, and with a focus on partnering to build vibrant communities.