Economic Development

At Union Gas, one of our core values is developing win-win relationships that create real and lasting value for everyone. We’re working with First Nations and Métis communities to build long-term partnerships based on mutual respect and economic opportunity by:

  • Creating economic development opportunities within First Nations and Métis communities that will create a mutually beneficial and sustainable impact at the local community level and enshrine Union Gas as a trusted Partner.

  • Offering a payments-in-lieu of taxes policy to compensate Aboriginal communities impacted by Union Gas’ pipeline expansion in their community.

  • Volunteering our knowledge and time to be a resource to First Nation and Métis communities seeking to develop their communities.


Union Gas Partners with First Nations' Business

Neegan Burnside booth at the 2011 procurement forum

Neegan Burnside booth at the 2011 procurement forum.

Planet Stitch, Aamjiwnaang First Nation

Planet Stitch – a Union Gas supplier since 2008 -- offers services such as in-house graphic design, custom embroidery and laser engraving for businesses of all sizes looking for corporate wear, promotional materials and team apparel.

In April 2011, Planet Stitch attended a Union Gas-hosted procurement forum aimed at providing First Nations and Métis businesses with an opportunity to forge new relationships with some of the company's largest suppliers. At this procurement forum, the company was introduced to suppliers like Aecon and LinkLine, as well as other companies like Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation (OPG).

“We welcome the opportunity to meet new companies at the forum, grow our customer base and to continue providing great service and quality to all,” Planet Stitch president Duffy Simon said at the forum. “We pride ourselves on customer service and have been able to fill orders for Union Gas within the given timeline from Ontario to Northern B.C.”

PlanetStitch is a locally owned First Nations company that hires locally and augments their staff at peak times with First Nations students from the community, who benefit from the training and employment opportunities.

To learn more about Planet Stitch, please visit:

Young's Forestry Services, Nipissing First Nations

Young's Forestry Services

Young's Forestry Services

Young's Forestry Services is an Aboriginal-owned brushing and logging company formed by Brian and Lorie Young in 1995. Brian Young is a band member of the Nipissing First Nation and Lorie is a member of the Dokis First Nation. Located on the Nipissing First Nation near North Bay, Young’s employs up to 14 men at a time, most of which are of Aboriginal ancestry.

In the beginning, work for Young's consisted of completing red pine, hardwood and birchwood thinning contracts with Nipissing Forest Resource Management Inc., Vermillion Forest Management and Westwind Forest Management in northern Ontario. This work entailed thinning plantations which allowed the remaining trees to grow healthier. Over the years, the company expanded to include harvesting marketable wood and operating a firewood mill during the winter months.

In 2008, Young's entered into a partnership with Union Gas to provide brushing and logging services for pipeline right-of-ways. In 2012, the partnership has been extended to brush, mulch and seed Union Gas right-of-ways.

"Our work with Union Gas has proven to be the pinnacle of Young's Forestry Services business and has catapulted a small local business into a larger nationally recognized company," said Brian Young. "It is without a doubt that Young's Forestry Services would not have found the success we have if not for the continued support and excellent working relationship with Union Gas."


At Union Gas, we are guided by five principles that shape each and every interaction we have with First Nations and Métis communities.


At Union Gas, we believe diversity and inclusion make us a stronger organization from the inside out. We want our workforce to reflect the communities we work in and with.


At Union Gas, we believe that knowledge and understanding are the best investments we can make to ensure a brighter future for all.


At Union Gas, we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible way, and with a focus on partnering to build vibrant communities.