Enbridge Gas Inc.

Delivering greater comfort

Two great teams. Now one new company on a journey with you. Our Enbridge Gas team knows life takes energy. Our passion and drive is to safely and reliably deliver the energy that fuels your life.

Whether you are a homeowner in Niagara, a greenhouse grower in Leamington or an industrial operation in Thunder Bay, we want you to thrive and be great in this amazing province.

We fully recognize that Enbridge Gas is only great if you’re great.

We're drawing upon 170 years of experience to deliver greater comfort through the safe, reliable delivery of affordable energy you use every day.

How did this marriage happen? You might say we were long-time best friends who had much in common, but
we just had to make it official. On Jan. 1, 2019, Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas joined to become
Enbridge Gas Inc.

It's an exciting time for Ontario. And we're proud to serve you more efficiently as one company.

Map of Ontario with our service areas and major cities

We also have world-class natural gas storage facilities and are advancing the future of energy on a number of fronts—including compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas and power to gas.

We do everything with safety, integrity and respect as our guides. Those core values mean everything to us.

For us, the betterment and strengthening of Ontario communities and people is our core mission, so we look forward to the coming years. The energy journey is just beginning.

"The three core values send a strong message to communities and to individuals working at Enbridge. They guide us as we move forward as one great company. I believe the future in Ontario is bright and Enbridge will continue to work hard to deliver affordable energy to homes and businesses."

Cynthia Hansen,
President of Enbridge Gas Inc.

Who we are

Yes, we're changing, but you still know who we are deep down. No one can talk about our company better than our employees, so we asked a few of them to tell you about the new Enbridge Gas. Welcome home.