At Union Gas, we are committed to helping improve the quality of life in the more than 400 communities we serve. Sponsorships are one way Union Gas can support your community.


Our preferred areas of sponsorship align with our defined focus areas and charitable guidelines.

Dr. Roberta Bondar's Historic Shuttle Flight

Union Gas Joins in Anniversary Celebration of Dr. Roberta Bondar's Historic Shuttle Flight

Proposals in other categories are evaluated on how well they support the strategies of our various business units.

The following criteria are considered when reviewing sponsorship opportunities:

  • Does this event or program support one of the 400 communities in our franchise area;
  • How many people will benefit from the event or program;
  • Will there be a lasting impact as a result of this sponsorship;
  • How would our support impact the overall budget of the event or program;
  • How will Union Gas support be profiled such as, speaking opportunities or volunteering;
  • What other sponsors are participating and in what way.


Union Gas enthusiastically supports our communities and employees with stewardship, volunteerism and charitable contributions that are strategic and provide the greatest benefit to the communities where we work and live.


At Union Gas, we strategically support charitable organizations that fall within our focus areas. 


The spirit of employee philanthropy and volunteerism is strong at Union Gas. We support our employees and retirees as they give back to their communities.


Each year, Union Gas partners with over 250 organizations across the province of Ontario through our corporate and employee giving programs.