Focus Areas

School Program with Essex Region Conservation Authority

We invest in three primary areas of focus in communities where we live and work. We invests in qualified organizations and programs that promote:

Community Vitality

We contributes to healthy, successful communities where we live and operate by supporting organizations dedicated to:

  • Safety
  • Environmental education, conservation and research
  • Targeted arts/culture giving - supported by our Stratford Shakespeare Festival partnership
  • Health and human services - supported by our annual United Way campaign corporate match

Education and Workforce Development

We help provide youth the broadest options for their future and build a highly skilled employee base for our communities by investing in:

  • Programs focused on education for at-risk youth to ensure success in life
  • Pre-K through 12 education with an emphasis in math, science, technology and business acumen
  • Post high school / secondary school education
  • Higher education that meets the company’s professional needs
  • Technical and professional accreditation

Employee Support and Volunteerism

The spirit of employee philanthropy and volunteerism is strong, we support our employees and retirees as they give back to their communities through employee directed giving to eligible charitable organizations, by supporting their sweat-equity of volunteerism and by matching their contributions to our United Way campaign. Employee programs include:

  • Matching gift
  • Volunteer grants, including community improvement and leadership grants
  • Volunteerism, including our Helping Hands in Action initiative
  • United Way, through the dollar-for-dollar match of our annual employee run campaign

* Inclusiveness and diversity initiatives underpin all three areas of focus.


The criteria that we considers when evaluating a donation request are listed below.


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