About Natural Gas

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Natural gas—the balanced solution for a stronger, cleaner Ontario

Affordable natural gas improves our quality of life and enhances Ontario's competitiveness through reduced energy costs. Natural gas also contributes to Ontario's lower-carbon future through technologies like renewable natural gas generated from landfills and other sources creating energy from organic waste, cleaner compressed natural gas for heavy-duty transport, and through energy-conservation education, rebates and incentives.

What is natural gas?

Natural gas is made of the remains of ancient plants and animals that ruled the Earth about 500 million years ago. These buried plants and animals decayed into tiny bubbles of gas which is gathered, cleaned and then used as an energy source.

What is the chemical composition of natural gas?
The main ingredient of natural gas is methane gas.

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How natural gas gets to you

Natural gas is moved through a series of underground pipes from places where it is found in North America like Alberta, Pennsylvania and Ohio, into underground storage and then moved to homes and businesses through smaller pipelines when needed.

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Top five benefits of natural gas

Top 5 Benefits of Natural Gas Infographic