Gas Meter Safety

Snow around a natural gas meterYour outdoor gas meter and equipment are designed to withstand winter weather conditions, but heavy or hard-packed snow and ice on the meter or external fuel burning equipment exhaust vents can present a safety hazard.

Keeping the meter and equipment exhaust vents free of ice and snow ensures that both the meter and your natural gas-fired equipment function safely and that Union Gas can access the gas meter in an emergency situation and to take meter readings.

HERE ARE A FEW GUIDELINES that will keep your meter easily accessible and safe:

  • During the winter, keep your meter free of snow and ice. An icy build-up caused by water leaking from an eavestrough, freezing rain or melting piled snow could damage its fittings and pipes causing leaks.  A gas meter covered in snow or ice can also impede its function of controlling the gas pressure, which could lead to serious risks.

  • Use a broom or brush to remove snow, do not try to scrape your meter with a sharp instrument and be careful not to bump your meter with a snowblower. If you have difficulty clearing ice and snow from your meter, contact our Union Gas Customer Contact Centre.

  • Do not tie your pets to your meter or gas piping; it could break and be a safety hazard. As well, please ensure your pets are not running loose or blocking access to your meter. Even the friendliest pet may bite if it regards the meter reader as a stranger.

  • Do not hang things from or set or lean things on your meter or gas piping.

  • Building permanent structures such as decks or porches around the meter set can create emergency access problems. Maintain access clearances. 

  • If you anticipate a problem providing access during a certain period (for example, because of home renovations or repairs), please contact our Union Gas Customer Contact Centre to make a suitable alternative arrangement. Also notify our Union Gas Customer Contact Centre if your municipality makes any change to your street address.

  We appreciate your co-operation in taking care of your meter.