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Peak/Seasonal Storage 

Looking for flexible and customizable premium storage at the Dawn Hub? 

A premium storage service at Dawn, long term or short term, with rights to be full through the critical fall period. Shippers can choose one of several standard service options or fully customize the service to their specific requirements. 

For any Shipper buying/selling gas at Dawn, Seasonal/Peak Storage services at Dawn provides the Shipper with diversity and numerous opportunities. Shippers who contract for Dawn Storage Services are able to benefit from:

  1. Capturing daily, monthly and seasonal price volatility/spreads
  2. Demand and supply balancing need - meet peaking requirements, diversify supply and protect your downstream markets
  3. Hedging commodity purchases - fix your gas costs and protect your position from gas price run-ups
  4. Improving load factor on upstream and downstream pipelines by right sizing your storage
  5. Bundling your storage with other services like C1/M12 transportation to satisfy your market opportunities in Ontario, Quebec, Great Lakes basin and U.S. Northeast

Service Highlights

  • A mix of firm and/or interruptible withdrawals and injections
  • With or without inventory balance requirements
  • Ratchets or unratcheted
  • Multi-cycle facility available (1 to 36 times)
  • Can be customized to meet your requirements
  • No renewal rights
  • Assignable on a temporary or permanent basis

Standard Products

  1. Seasonal Storage (commonly contracted as LST)
  2. Peak Storage (commonly contracted as LTP)

View a comparison of the standard Peak/Seasonal storage services

Receipt and Delivery Points

  • Dawn
  • Other Union Gas system and off system points are negotiable

Pricing and Fuel

  • Demand Charge - negotiated for all storage services
  • Variable Charges - dependent on product and direct negotiations
  • Fuel - dependent on product and direct negotiations


Contract Term

  • Varying length from 1 year to 10 years

Service Eligibility

  • Available to all Shippers who hold an Interruptible HUB contract
  • Sold via open seasons, through direct negotiations or in response to a RFP

Complementary Services

  • C1 Transportation - Provides take away capacity from Dawn to downstream pipelines
  • F24-S - Intra-Day Balancing Service granting firm injection and withdrawal rights on all 13 nomination windows (4 NAESB + 9 incremental)

Typical Customers

  • Gas Utilities
  • Marketers/Producers
  • Marketers/Traders
  • Power Generators
  • Industrials

For a detailed list please see the Storage Index of Customers.

How to Request Service

  • Please contact an Account Manager for further information
  • Please visit our Open Season section to view open season offerings. If you would like to be added to the open season email notification list, please send an email to Storage & Transportation.
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